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I’m incredibly discouraged at the privacy community’s inability to come together for a losing fight.

This is something that I’ve been echoing for quite a while now. Lots of people completely divided. We need marginal increases in privacy for the masses as opposed to extreme live changes for the few.

you can’t verify android software with a hash. so infected versions can be selectively pushed to particular people.

This would be NSO group’s dream I reckon.

Most larger universities I’ve been to do this as well. You don’t really need to worry.

I played Runescape as a kid and teen. I liked the economy aspect of it so much, that I’ve become an economist. The games we play have much more influence on what we do that I think we admit.

I didn’t, because I’m smart enough to use ad blockers/cookie blockers/etc. I recommend you do the same. I expected a little more from someone subscribed to a privacy community.

Lmao, not gonna lie, this one got me.

Already saved! I just wonder how it’s going to work if it isn’t updated? Maybe the author developed it so it always pulls a random work every day?

Of course they would. Bastards. They’re just going to lump it behind their expensive subscription that gives you access to their games.

Readium-css has an iOS testing app that you can download (link to it on their webpage). That’s really about all I could find to be honest.

Will there be a big announcement? I don’t want to miss it.

It’s the people (most of them). I’m here for the people.

Ayo another Lisa Simpson avatar lmao.

I’ve only recently started to get into reading books. I know it may sound silly, but the only books I read growing up was required by school (which was a lot and a lot of important books were read). I tend to read more non-fiction since I don’t tend to use reading as escapism as much as I do education.

The other day I read an entire (small) book in a day, and it was a terrible book. It was called The Kingdom of Speech by Tom Wolfe. After reading it I looked at some reviews of it and saw that my sentiment was shared. The author did very little research and just goes about discrediting 150 years of scholarly research to arrive at his own conclusion. Additionally, there’s a strong sense that the author is upset with political correctness because when referring to an indigenous tribe, he will say the following:

“… the nati -er, indigenous - peoples…”

and it just rubbed me the wrong way entirely. He did this so frequently that it was really upsetting my reading. This book review is pretty short, but devastating: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2016/sep/08/the-kingdom-of-speech-by-tom-wolfe-review

I read the book because my spouse bought it on a whim some years ago, and I felt like it. Don’t recommend though haha. My next two books will be Mutual Aid and The Ice People.

I mean, yea, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. It’s kind of a bad look for Tesla

Stress on the motor will likely cause it to overheat or break. That’s probably all.

I love how such a specific thing stuck in your head for so long haha, thanks for sharing.

Your contradiction was in fact, not a contradiction, but a thinly veiled attempt to feel correct. I think myself and many others agree that this was you overstepping. I reported the post once for violating three rules, and you call that report abuse? You could have just said that it didn’t break rules and atop there but I didn’t “abuse” anything. Its also not against the rules to downvote something I deem to be poor quality content.

Edit: blocked, given your history and other user experiences with you.

Nah, it was the amount of plastic in that draw

I’m glad to hear that its being discussed, but I’m not sure what the best course of action would be in this scenario. It seems that each has their drawbacks, including doing nothing.

Yeah I agree that it’s starting to get a little pitchforky, but mostly, people are just sharing similar experiences with the mod - which is good, because a shared dialogue about a series of bad behavior helps to inform the community. As for using the voting buttons, that’s all well and good, yeah. Always vote.

Yeah, seem to have learned that the hard way. I just wanted to make a post to bring awareness.

Oh I didn’t know that! Sounds like a really good approach.

That’s why you should read the post and comments and not base your opinions on a simplified screenshot. No need to be toxic.

I’m definitely surprised. I’ve received messages now about how they hand out bans like candy to anyone who disagrees with them.

Possibly, but then you need to sort out an entire ink supply network, cause the cabal definitely won’t let them use their suppliers.

Was having a conversation with a mod who was upset that I downvoted their opinion. Apparently if you disagree, you are banned. Looking at you [@CHEFKOCH@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/CHEFKOCH). I wouldn't consider anything I did trolling or a violation of the rules of c/scandalzilla. Here is the post if anyone wants to validate: https://lemmy.ml/post/163594

This is a good app to have if you're concerned about potentially being tracked via an AirTag, or you just want to help someone find their lost items.

I’m a bit confused by your stance: are you trying to say that the ends justify the means in this case?

Nope, but it’s nice that they’re at least thinking about it.

I feel like it’s totally appropriate to take action against people or communities that violate ToS, but to alter comments and change what they’re saying is totally uncalled for. You can ban people, delete their comments, but changing what they said is too much for me. That’s a slippery slope.

Yeah there are a lot of challenges that need to be addressed. I’ve learned that stackoverflow has some form of democratic elections regarding mods which I thought was pretty cool. Also, Trump got elected through an electoral college designed to give fringe groups more power than they should have. Trump would have lost if America voted in a direct democracy model (e.g. popular vote).

Edit: I’m not going to downvote you for your opinions. We’re just discussing here, nothing you said was crazy

Nice to see a bill be introduced that bans targeting ads beyond the city level. > The Banning Surveillance Advertising Act is backed by a coalition of Democrats in the House and Senate. The privacy bill would specifically ban “protected class information, such as race, gender, and religion.” But it would also forbid the use of information gleaned from third-party data brokers in targeted advertising, a move that could wipe out that industry entirely. In addition to the Democrat support, the bill is backed by several privacy services (notably Protonmail and Duck Duck Go) and rights organizations such as the Electronic Privacy Information Center and Common Sense Media.

Makes sense. That’s why you can have an entire career focused on maintaining free and fair elections (or subverting it).

Not the brightest moment in my life, hehe. sighs in depression

Haha hey it’s all good, recognition indicates personal growth!

Definitely hard to implement, but an idea I’ve never heard of before. Thanks for bringing this up. Cool to think about. Does any other site actually use this moderation technique?

User Interaction Data
Does anyone know if it's possible to download/scrape the username, number of posts, and number of comments for every account on this instance? I want to make a post that looks at user contribution, and shows different variations of X users are responsible for Y percent of engagement/content on this instance. Anyone have thoughts?

My dichotomy with technology and privacy
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/151310 > **tldr** > > I struggle to find balance between wanting privacy in my day-to-day, and wanting to use the newest and greatest services and products. > > **Pretext** > > This post is meant to drum up some discussion that I feel is often lost on privacy focused communities. It's about the nexus between privacy and modern technology. I hope I don't sound like an idiot, I still consider myself a novice at technological privacy. > > I'm a fairly privacy concerned individual, not for any particular reason other than that I feel it's my right, my data, and I should have the say over who gets to see/use it. Especially when I'm paying for a service. I find that at times, I am more privacy oriented than others. I have a Google Pixel 4 that I've used Lineage OS on for a while. I've bought an old thinkpad and have a a linux distro running on that as well. I also have, an iPhone, a Macbook, and a desktop PC used primarily for work/gaming that is running Windows 10. *EDIT: I also want to recognize my privilege to be able to choose between all these devices. Not everyone can switch around so freely.* > > Every few weeks I tend to flip coins on the matter. Some weeks I really just want the ease of everything working, quick google searches, iMessage, polished operating systems, etc. Other weeks I want to be a total privacy nut and clamp down on all of my traffic, pop my SIM into my Lineage Pixel, and do my work on my laptop for a while. > > **Conversation** > > I want to know if anyone else goes through these types of moodswings like I do? I also want to hear your stories on how you went all the way and never looked back, or tried to and ended up somewhere in the middle. All of this back and forth for me has made me a much more privacy minded person, and the non-privacy focused products I used are about as clamped down as possible - but that's not saying much.

Let me know your thoughts! Just an informational video on the history of Black anarchism