It is an more private alternative to Discord. Even tough they do not offer federation, self-hosting servers is possible, but self-hosting Dms is not possible. Matrix does not have separated voice and text chats in one server, aka Discord style. Is it better to use Revolt for now or create our own Federated Discord alternative?


1urte bat

I’ve been thinking about this recently too and Revolt does look nice, and would be better than discord, but I would like to see matrix clients/clones that also cater more to discord users.

It’s kind of like the signal app. It’s the best one that is easy to use for now.

1urte bat

Have you seen Cinny? Its idea is exactly that :)

I would like to see matrix clients/clones that also cater more to discord users.

So you want to see a client that works with both discord and matrix? Is that what you mean by that? Discord seems to not like third party clients.

What about bridging a discord room to matrix?

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