wow this is so stupid

    2 years ago

    As someone with a background in crypto, I was talking with a (very) successful friend of mine who is C-level in two companies ranked top 100 startups for 2021 in our country, and who has a decked out VR setup at home.

    We were sharing some drinks and talking about other startups seeking funding when he made a comment regarding all of these startups as “making the business solutions for yesterday” and that “the future is crypto and VR”. I stopped him for a moment, and reminded him that we both know the reality of crypto and VR.

    Because crypto and VR, like quantum computing, have fundamental issues that are seldom being solved.

    Still, he persisted.

    Ultimately, it comes down to the investors. In his mind and at his level, you don’t care about the product or the usability. You care about the stock price and the investors. Being big on crypto and VR is how you get there, and everyone is excited when you talk about it. Useful or not, they’ll make a killing and the bubble will pop. All I can recommend is to not be holding the bag.