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Forums are honestly pretty bad. Ask a question where the answer might be found in section 6 subparagraph 8 on a Wiki page not indexed by Google because it hasn’t been modified since 2009 and you’ll get flamed

The Manjaro forums

It’s honestly the part I miss the most about Manjaro now that I’m on Arch. People were noob friendly over there

Torrentfreak is pumping out higher quality articles than most outlets day by day.

I simply saved the browser version as an app. Works great

Using KDE Activities (available on any Linux OS), you can create a setup like this

Yea so we agree here. That’s where a good CEO picking good leadership comes in, and why it’s so essential and worthwhile to pay for one that can do that

Now that there’s someone interested in UX on board, I might record some user tests. Would you be interested?

  • Being an excellent speaker
  • Selecting proper leadership
  • Having industry connections

If your leadership is 1% better than your competitor, that could be the threshold needed to wipe your competitor out of the market, increasing company profit margins by hundreds of percent.

To draw a parallel, think about school grades. Going from 60 to 70% is insignificant. Going from 70 to 80% is a little more interesting. But going from 96 to 97? That has significantly more meaning than 66 to 67.

Those end numbers matter. A CEO being a tiny bit better has a huge impact.

Fixing the CEOs pay isn’t going to do anything for a plethora of reasons. Late stage capitalism is simply a failure and it shows.

If the lowest paid employee becomes 50% better, nothing at the macro scale changes.

If the CEO becomes a fraction better, the effect is multiplied throughout the company.

Sure no problem!

(Makes 150M/yr in stock)

THANK you! Lemmy is feature rich but the UI is so confusing for new users. Super happy to see someone helping out with it :)

The first thing I noticed when I got a wireless charger was that I still needed a cable for my charging pad.

I use Signal/Linux/modded versions of Instagram/other proprietary apps and don’t get seen as the “alternative” weirdo because I can clearly explain why I use these things.

Honestly I’m getting quite sick of the number buttons all over the screen already. If Lemmy keeps cluttering the UI under the fallacy where it’s still comprehensive to the devs who have been here for months I’m gonna jump ship.

Anyone familiar with Chinese politics + technology want to chime in on how likely various levels of Windows ditching is to happen?

EDIT: This is from February 2020. Have they made any progress yet?

Can I sign into a federated instance (i.e. Lemmygrad.ml) with my Lemmy.ml account?

Asking before I recreate one with the same name…

What are some good charities to donate to on behalf of someone for Christmas?

My family is fairly well off, and nobody needs anything. …

I have a $50 prepaid Mastercard. Where is a place I can donate it to open source?

The Mastercard is in CAD and I don’t have a Paypal account. Where’s the easiest place I can donate it? …

Anyone know where I can buy a longer engine oil stick?

My check oil light is on, but my engine oil stick doesn’t reach the oil. I want to check how much oil I have though, so it’s not very helpful. …

Hey AskLemmy! I created some community icons. Which one do you like most?

I noticed for one of the largest communities, there was no icon! It looks strange in the Communities view. Anyways, I mocked these up trying to use the Lemmy logo. If you like any of them but it’s not quite right, I can adjust it - or if you have a new idea, I’m down to try that too! …

What are some easy ways to use your computer to "Give Back" to the FOSS community?

I’ve always wanted to run as many programs as possible that “Give back” to awesome developers who create things. I’ve got a few, but I’m looking for more.

What does it take to be in the "Trending Communities" in the sidebar?

Is it recently active? Percentage growth? Can consistently active communities be in the “Trending” section for a long time? …

Looking for a game with casual skilling like Runescape?

For several years now, I’ve been looking for a game where I can casually hop on for a few hours here and there, and do casual tasks to level up my skills. Things like Fishing, Woodcutting, Fletching, whatever it may be. …