I really like the Librewolf browser and DuckDuckGo search engine and mobile browser. The Iceraven browser on mobile is also quite nice.

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      2 years ago

      Not only that

      • springer holds a share of qwant and springer is a rubbish company.
      • qwant on mobile shows you the mobile sites of the search results instead of the “real” website. I think that’s a tiny but important difference.
      • qwant doesn’t show you the protocol, i.e. http, ftp, etc. And hides SSL encryption of sites on mobile.
      • qwant hides the subfolder structure of the site you are about to enter on mobile.
      • qwant forces you to choose a country and only serves higher income countries. Qwant shows you different results in different countries. It’s not just an english or french web, it’s a canadian french, french frens Ch, etc. Web.