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What were you using a headless browser for in the old day?

Some folks like to have a GUI server… CentOS ships with that option by default

FWIW… A friend and I compared running processes on a fresh mint install and an Ubuntu install… Mint had much fewer processes

They’re both systemd based, though, so that’s a common weak point… But yeah if you had to compare one to the other that sounds right

Here’s one I ended up going with, it worked very well: https://github.com/claudehohl/Stikked

Looks like the demo is currently offline though

There is a screenshot in the repository… just not in the README.md

They’re going to be selling it on 3.5" floppies… sign me up

Ironic thing is that Google itself is responsible for turning the web in that direction

On the other hand, crypto could be considered a gripping response to a suboptimal system that wasn’t getting any better…

On the other other hand, very few individuals would have had any influence whatsoever for that happening, and even fewer could be considered even close to directly responsible… so to say that “it’s because of ____ generation” is expressly ageist and unfair

Yeah, there was something quirky with lite.qwant.com results that made it unusable

Christians are not known for their creativity

“and may fuel violence” … While this part is an absurd notion, your post otherwise brings up a great point… I guess you kind of create the community you want to see?

What I believe Reddit originally did when it started was (1) allow everything, but (2) create the illusion that a large audience liked certain things more than others… Is that right or wrong? Obviously Reddit is 100% complete shit now, but it didn’t used to be!

I hope more people chime in on this conversation… I’m currently trying to run a platform for events, and I create a filter for religious events… But it’s because those tend to be “spammy” or highly mundane… also an eye sore for me… people have the option to filter them back in, but I think about something similar to what you asked

I think I personally try to draw the line at “spam”. I want quality, simply

Could be worth starting by installing DavX5 and follow the prompts to check out the options… I use Baikal with DavX5: https://sabre.io/baikal/

At some point years ago Facebook started defaulting to relatives/family algorithmically. This is extremely biased and problematic. It makes a lot of sensitive assumptions, as everyone’s family structure is different. So “devastating” is a good choice of words.

Thank you. There is still some sanity left on the internet. This movement was critically important. So cool that you actually saw it!!

It’s not impossible – if everyone starts doing it, then most public and common email servers cannot block them.

What do you mean “police uses”? Why is that relevant?

Even if it’s easy to use, still have to convince them to install something new… You already know that part will be possible?

The 24 hour lifespan of posts is definitely a weak spot of reddit, from numerous angles… Poor moderation and cowardly shadowbanning exacerbate the issue… And locking posts within like 6 months… terrible platform

It makes sense that a post could maintain a pace for more than a day, or regain activity

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If I’m not mistaken, Gnome Terminal supports changing the background color

Does a time estimate for brute force always assume the operation is not parallel?

Since he’s a pig, inherently a bad person, seems likely he’s making stuff up and playing the system to his advantage. At least his community is slightly safer with him slowed down some

Are you serious? It’s not about pigs, even though they’re often the first to put holes in systems compromising everyone. From that angle I suppose they are a threat to software in general. But privacy for the sake of privacy is correct, even.

So throw tennis balls into the ocean…

Are you sure Mint doesn’t support touchscreen?

The old version is still much better… there’s a browser extension that does the redirect automatically

No, that is not a WebDev working standard. String-based IDs are legitimate as well, and can even be primary keys in a database.

One way to get around #1… if there is text, it has to be specific text, either via a redirect or 404…