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A community discussing nuclear power, including fission and fusion. The goal is to talk about generated nuclear power, so avoid simply talking about stars or something unless it is relevant. ## Rules 1. Stay on topic 1. Behave yourself 1. No trolling, spamming etc. 1. Follow’s code of conduct
-1urte bat

nuclear energy is one of the safest methods of power generation, with literally hundreds of times less deaths per energy unit compared to fossil fuels, which cause tens of millions of deaths through air pollution

even though nuclear energy causes more deaths per unit of energy produced compared to renewable sources of energy, it is nonetheless crucial to a successful transition away from fossil fuels for power generation, bc nuclear plants’ energy output is relatively constant, independent of circumstances, and as such it provides the absolutely essential “base power capacity”, which is always consumed, and cannot be reliably provided by renewable sources of energy

in most cases, shutting down nuclear power plants causes deaths, not prevents them, because to some degree their power generation capacity is going to be replaced with fossil fuels, which are, again, orders of magnitude more deadly

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