Hello! I managed to set up an instance quite easily with Ansible, only problem now is that I can’t send emails in any way!

If I leave the default configuration (postfix: 25) and try to ask for a password reset, it tells me it sent it but nothing really comes.

I then thought of using an external SMTP, since I have it available together with the domain.

If I put: “smtps.aruba.it” then adding smtp_login and smtp_password when I try to send an email I get an error with only written: “465”.

If I add the port to the SMTP server like this: “smtps.aruba.it:465” and also adding in “tls_type: tls” the server freezes for 5 minutes, does not send anything and I do not receive any errors.

I’m definitely doing something wrong but what? Where can I look?


urte bat

It is the same thing that I thought. Unfortunately, if I try to manually force the port by writing smtps.aruba.it:465 as I said the server freezes for several minutes, goes to 504 and does not send any email.

So I can not understand if the port must be entered in another way (?) or if I have to install something on the server first to be able to send an email through an external SMTP as in this case?

From what i can read here default email.tls_type value is “none” and it’s not overridden in lemmy-ansible. Maybe try this?

0urte bat

yes, actually i tried ‘none’, ‘tls’ and ‘starttls’ but with no success. I tried with external SMTP because the default created by ansible does not work:

  email: {
    smtp_server: "postfix:25"
    smtp_from_address: "noreply@mydomain.it"
    tls_type: "none"

Sounds like a bug. When you turn on debug logging do you see anything specific? (i don’t even know if debug logging is a thing in Lemmy ansible setup). Can you maybe also try with another SMTP client like msmtp to see if you can reach your mail server from it? It’s possible that some network misconfiguration prevents it, or that your mail provider has blocked your IP/range for some reason.

0urte bat

I have answered and find the solution here: https://lemmy.ml/post/258218/comment/176759

Thanks for the help!

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