Hello! I managed to set up an instance quite easily with Ansible, only problem now is that I can’t send emails in any way!

If I leave the default configuration (postfix: 25) and try to ask for a password reset, it tells me it sent it but nothing really comes.

I then thought of using an external SMTP, since I have it available together with the domain.

If I put: “smtps.aruba.it” then adding smtp_login and smtp_password when I try to send an email I get an error with only written: “465”.

If I add the port to the SMTP server like this: “smtps.aruba.it:465” and also adding in “tls_type: tls” the server freezes for 5 minutes, does not send anything and I do not receive any errors.

I’m definitely doing something wrong but what? Where can I look?


  • @skariko@lemmy.mlOP
    12 years ago

    I think i got it solved.

    It was fault of being a new customer of Hetzner, ask them to make some tests and with port opens it’ll go!