Hi, I need to be able to open a single comment on top of the window, like a permalink (I’m creating a hypertext game on lemmy), but the two link methods available in the GUI doesn’t behave like they should.

  • The first “link” button doesn’t act like a permalink at all when there are nested comments above it, I don’t know why (on Firefox 91.10.0es), but sometimes it just shows some nested comments above instead of the actual comment itself

  • The second “link” button just end on a 404 page. How is this one supposed to work ?

So I was wondering if there is another way of displaying only a single comment by its id, but looking at the HTML dom it doesn’t seem like comments have unique ids ?

Hope someone can answer :)

Edit : I checked in another browser, still the same issue. Also this problem is happening with non-nested comments too, the first link to a comment is not reliable and shows random content on the page, but this seems to be happening only when the comments count begins to be high under a post (more than twenty or so? cannot say exactly)