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Really the problem is you don’t want to acknowledge the difference between diverging political views and agressiveness/insults/fanaticism.

You never say anything when people of your “political opinion” insult others, or call for brigading. So you let the harrasment and sealioning go on and seem happy with that. Maybe do something about it before complaining that other people complain here ?

Exactly. Promoting Lemmy/Fediverse has very much to do with learning how to moderate an instance / community.
Repeated bad behaviors should have users banned at some point. And this is way different from censorship (which exclude topics, not bad behaviors). For example you can’t invite nice interesting (leftist) people on an instance where users are terrifying others with awful stalinist claims and insults. It won’t be better than Reddit to them. Blocking the awful people for yourself is even worse because you don’t see the shit anymore, but new people will be confronted to it anyway as soon as they arrive. And this can really disgust them from the fediverse.

Exactly what I’m looking for then :) Thank you very much for the detailed answer. I will do my homework and explore there, I am really considering creating an account on Beehaw now.

Can I ask you a few more questions, regarding signing up and approval for non english speaking people (French I’d like to invite) ?

Well that’s phrased badly I guess. I like that Beehaw is a safe space for minorities, this is something I’m looking for, and I was wondering if straight anti-capitalist/anarchist content would be welcome there ?
I am quite uneducated about this instance though (lack of time), so it’s very much assumptions from me.

I’m thinking of inviting french speaking leftists from reddit to lemmy, maybe creating a community, but the tankies here who praise China’s CPC, tell Gulag was good (and sex workers would go there), say Ukraine is nazi etc. are keeping me from doing it.

I’m considering beehaw, but maybe it’s too neutral, I don’t know. I’m still wondering what to do next. The only other french instance is blocked here, I don’t know why (lemider.me)

If the global neural network has https issues, mass spamming, phishing and scam letters, plus downvote brigading, I’m a little bit worried.

There is a few bugs I want to report when I have time. The UX needs to be improved a little bit (especially for comments), but I’m already talking about Lemmy to people ! Especially to french speaking people. I’d like to see more francophones here to be able to speak french more often.

wow falling from a cliff turns bad into good :D
Sad ending though. I hope this won’t make the alien revert to unmanageable or this could become… unmanageable.

I had never thought of opening and closing doors to pump warm air out of a car !

This can have the opposite effect though, when something loses its meaning so much that it becomes a consumer good or a funny costume.

I’m using that, but it has other meanings too, like community.

“It’s the apocalypse, fuck work” :D

How do you call a community “sub” in Lemmy ?
As opposed to a "subreddit" ? Do people just say community? It seems a little vague to me, and I'm new here.

Ok thanks, I don’t get why there are non working links…

This one either won’t work, although it’s the official “link” : https://lemmy.ml/post/352183/comment/223464

But the fedilink is working in search bar : https://lemmy.ml/comment/223464

Ok thanks for answering :)

I’m still puzzled by the other link not being a true permalink.

Is there a 100% reliable way of linking to a single comment? The GUI links behave in unexpected ways
Hi, I need to be able to open a single comment on top of the window, like a permalink (I'm creating a hypertext game on lemmy), but the two link methods available in the GUI doesn't behave like they should. * The first "link" button doesn't act like a permalink at all when there are nested comments above it, I don't know why (on Firefox 91.10.0es), but sometimes it just shows some nested comments above instead of the actual comment itself * The second "link" button just end on a 404 page. How is this one supposed to work ? So I was wondering if there is another way of displaying only a single comment by its id, but looking at the HTML dom it doesn't seem like comments have unique ids ? Hope someone can answer :) ----- **Edit** : I checked in another browser, still the same issue. Also this problem is happening with non-nested comments too, the first link to a comment is not reliable and shows random content on the page, but this seems to be happening only when the comments count begins to be high under a post (more than twenty or so? cannot say exactly)