• poVoqOP
      2 years ago

      Sure, that is also being done. However, the economics of that are very questionable. Also, personally I rather have a comfortable train or airship ride over being cramped into an airplane, especially if it ends up costing ten times as much.

    • @linkert@lemmy.ml
      12 years ago

      Aren’t biofuels just another variant touching the same grand issue? From what I’ve gathered the growing, harvesting and refining biofuels differ wildly but all have in common an rather sizable amount of destructive land use - be it through deforestation, palm oli cultivation or the monoculture aspect of growing crops for fuel. Most of the biofuels are from palm, rapeseed oil or corn and it’s some gosh darn dirty business. The old saying *“can’t eat the cake and keep it” rings true for the climate crisis - going backwards towards some type of neo-classical future, keeping modern knowledge on how to fuck things up while mixing in tried and true concepts like no-til gardening, food conservation, sailing, coppicing and what not would probably be a more sane and doable route for humanity.


      I’m 110% certain that the ultimate source of infinite energy, fusion, would be the absolute quickest way to destroy all the remaining living ecosystems on earth.