Anyone that claims to speak on behalf of the universe is either a liar or a fool

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They should have used xmpp or something that let’s you connect with an external client. Would have been much less work to implement (I assume) as they would basically be integrating xmpp into nextcloud instead of writing their whole chat back end in house.

The people that wrote this law think twitter and Facebook are the only social mediaplatformms

My thoughts exactly. Rip it off the wall and start touching wires together, or better yet replace it with one that isn’t going to lock you out.


Nah they’d just chop off their heads for disrespecting them.

Yeah but they finally worked out those inter agency communications issues they were having.

I think that was pretty obvious from my previous comment.

Thank you for being one of the most sane mods/Admins/devs ive seen in any community for quite some time. Many others would just say ‘fuck you what I say goes’ or just cave to the guilt tripping but the Lemmy devs really seem to have their heads scdewerd on straight.

Codes of conduct are stupid. AFAIK it wasn’t a very common thing among software projects before a few years ago and they are only supposed to apply to the developers ethics and not the platform as a whole.

Also premetive banning is super shitty and a total reddit move. If they’re as shitty as you say it won’t be long before they’re banned across the federation.

I’ll start posting more hentai just for you

People like to say they dont use Lemmy because its mostly tech stuff, however there’s way more content and discussion of tech stuffon r/homelab and r/selfhosted.

These days its hard to attract new users to websitesbecause a lot of them got sucked into Instagram, tiktok and other stupid apps that seem to be winning over the youth of today.

Lemmy doesn’t cover nearly as many broad topics as reddit does. Its built up its userbase over the last 15 years and a lot of people will continue using it for another 15 years even with their stupid fucking new reddit design (that has been around for what, five years? Not really new anymore) Maybe one day they’ll finally nuke and that will be the final straw for many users. Their userbase is so big that they can go on banning long time users like you and me and it won’t really affect the company’s bottom line.

Also I think Lemmy should allow for video uploads like I know the devs want to keep vids on peertube but AFAIK there’s really no integration and I have seen very few actual peertube links here. The ability to upload short vids would be a good feature IMO.

I’ll buy a new laptop jusy for a ryzen mobile chip with USB4

Resizing system partitions without having to reinstall is a good way to learn more about Linux and how it handles it’sfilesystems

Yes more people should know this.

However I am using a free oracle vps so I’m obviously glowing more than you all can see.



no pee

How do I remove from c/all
It’s just a bunch of tankies shitposting for mao. how do i stop seeing these idiot posts?