I started digging into opensource password managers and found that they all suck major ball sack. I ended up picking nothing. My two runner-ups were bitwarden. It works on Linux, Android, whatever apple’s shit runs on, and even runs on PC’s with the OS that you usually delete first thing. But the major drawback is that I can’t trust it. It’s got a “premium” version, and that has always meant a slow steady spiral into “you must pay now that we have you by the balls” situation. Another drawback is that it’s centralized, kill the company and so go your passwords I suppose.

The other runner up is called liso. This one comes with two major drawbacks. One is that is browser only so far. The other one is that it doesn’t work on Linux yet. Such a shit shit option. Everything else out there wants you to pay for encryption.

I did end up learning about pass on Linux. It creates encrypted passwords and there’s some compatibility with guis and maybe available on Android??? Big question mark. I’ve tried nothing yet. My password list seems to grow daily.

So what’s your favorite one?

  • @imgprojts@lemmy.mlOP
    32 years ago

    I feel like Microsoft has too much power. With linked in, they know if you’re working, where and if you got connections. That company strives to rub me the wrong way in so many ways. But it’s cool that there is a floss version.

    • @Echedenyan@lemmy.ml
      52 years ago

      My worries are not focused in how much power that company has but the importance about digital rights, including software freedom between others.