I set up a mastodon instance and I’d like to interact with my lemmy instance (midwest.social) from it. Looking at the logs whenever I query a post, it returns a 200 OK with no data, but if I query a post on lemmy.ml it returns data like it should. I must have something configured wrong on my lemmy server.

Here is the log for a query:

Error encountered while processing the incoming HTTP request: lemmy_server::root_span_builder: NotFound
lemmy_1     |    0: lemmy_apub::http::post::get_apub_post
lemmy_1     |              at crates/apub/src/http/post.rs:20
lemmy_1     |    1: lemmy_server::root_span_builder::HTTP request
lemmy_1     |            with http.method=GET http.scheme="http" http.host=midwest.social http.target=/post/326295 otel.kind="server" request_id=1b0dce53-f66f-4f1d-9d6a-212de403f62a http.status_code=404 otel.status_code="OK"
37 hilabete

I think I found out what was happening. I was trying to fetch posts that had federated from a different Lemmy instance to my lemmy instance and then I was searching using that post URL instead of the original URL. It was this one https://midwest.social/post/326295.

I guess the post has to have originated from the instance that I’m searching with or it won’t return anything.

37 hilabete

Right, you can use the fedilink in that case (colorful icon).

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