• zeitverschreib [friendica]
    410 months ago


    I first struggled with my single-user Friendica instance after I added all followed accounts from Mastodon. Very slow, sometimes even not responding at all.

    After tweaking some settings the site is running quite smootly. So it depends on the setup.

    Yes, Mastodon out-of-the-box is faster on most machines, but Friendica can be made very usable.

    Via clients like WhaleBird or Fedilab, I don’t feel any difference.

      • zeitverschreib [friendica]
        10 months ago


        Let’s see…

        PHP memory limit up to 2048
        Number of workers to 20
        The workers now run every 5 minutes instead of 10 (cron)
        Increased the values of pm.max_children , pm.start_servers, pm.min_spare_servers and

        I’m running this setup on Yunohost in a VM with 2 cores and a total of 16 GB RAM. Currently only 7 or 8 GB are used, that’s including Mastodon on the same server.

        Giving the friendica instance more resources really helped, the standard settings are too restrictive.
        @serenity @rom