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This is one of the most unique communities of the world. As free software enthusiasts and federated software preferers, there are many technologies out there which provide substitute for freedom harming technologies. The purpose of this community is to create accounts on technologies better than existing ones (maybe but not necessarily ideal) and create some minimal content for creating critical mass! You, my dear user, would essentially be becoming the reason that a technology gets used by most of the world! eg. PixelFed, lemmy, peertube, friendica.

We increasingly find that having the first minimum number of users who interact amongst themselves is extremely important for a system to survive.

I want to create this unique community of critical mass. In this community, the users would essentially be notified about new platforms, which are better than current platforms where we ask you to create an account and generate some basic content.

This would enable that platform and essentially replace the other non-ethical platform. The newer platform may not be ideal and might have flaws but it would definitely be better than the older prevalent technology in many respects.

We invite you, my dear friends, to this new community. You, would be the reason for change of some crucial aspects of society by mere participation!
1urte bat

The issue I have with that is that it is almost NEVER the case that one platform is “better” than another. Instead, different platforms have different strengths. Perhaps one performs better and has more users while another satisfies “free software” principles.

Different users have different requirements. So what one user considers “better” another user may not.

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1urte bat

Anything is better than facebook :)
2urte bat

Cool idea

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