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I think it’s more the way the youtube algorithm works. It sorts “top comments” by default, seemingly even removing comments if they don’t get enough likes to reach a threshold. I’ve had an issue before where a video shows no comments even when it says there are 3 comments. I switch to “new” and the three comments show up

Edit: But I see what you are saying, the algorithm definitely plays into that attention seeking mentality

I always observe how in youtube comments nothing close to an original thought surfaces. Everyone always has the same generic reaction to things. Makes me feel very solipsistic

Why? IP is a bankrupt concept. Instead of protecting IP on behalf of artists, we should abolish IP for AI companies. Enforce open sourcing of AI models that use other people’s data, nationalize big tech, so on

If you look into this decision, it’s more that China is worried about deepfakes, which is a very real concern.

In recent years, deep synthesis technology has developed rapidly. While serving user needs and improving user experience, it has also been used by some unscrupulous people to produce, copy, publish, and disseminate illegal and harmful information, to slander and belittle others’ reputation and honor, and to counterfeit others’ identities. Committing fraud, etc., affects the order of communication and social order, damages the legitimate rights and interests of the people, and endangers national security and social stability.

This is likely easy to enforce at the model level, if you have a model that generates lifelike impressions of real people. Enforcing it per image would be impossible I think.

But there are people celebrating this like it’s some luddite attempt of China to hold back technological progress for the narrow aim of protecting IP. Any “communist” that is disposed this way, read the quote above a few more times. When the sewing machine was invented, did we hold back the sewing machine so that more tailors could keep their jobs? Why should it be any different for “artists”? Is the solution to alienation turning back society to the dark age? Or is there already a theory of revolutionary change that venerates the acceleration of revolutions in the forces of production? If you hate AI art you are a reactionary.

No. We only know what science is because of philosophy. If that basis for science became science, then the truth of science would have to presuppose itself, a set of ideas that would be true in and of themselves, which is clearly fallacious.

Also, the sciences deal with descriptive reality. They say nothing about how the world should be or how we should act.

That is a psychology wiki article about authoritarian personality, not about authoritarianism.

What most people mean by authoritarianism is a form of government. You are an anarchist right? You would agree the state is just the way the ruling class asserts its position, and that all states have this monopoly of the legitimate use of violence. If that’s what a state is, how can one state have more of a monopoly than another? A monopoly is a monopoly. However you see it, the class in power rules absolutely. No state is more authoritarian or libertarian than any other.

It’s a planned feature. Just not one the devs are working on right now.

I think the instances should be fully connected as possible, but this isn’t a design flaw that admins can block instances. It is their resources going into hosting, so they should be able to decide how they want to run their own instances. Having the software prevent them from doing this would be developer overreach.

Sadly some people do this without getting good pay and a cool badge.

I support this feature. But Wikipedia is not an authority on what fascism is. The dictionary attempts to describe the usage of a word in this case as it relates to an objective phenomenon. Before we can attempt this description, an understanding of the objective phenomenon must be had. We can rely on definitions for understood phenomena like water, jogging, or birds. But what exactly fascism is is a hotly debated topic, not a well understood phenomenon that we hold absolute knowledge and certainty of. Even your dictionary source admits it is a characterization of fascism, not exactly a definition.

A conservative will reason discursively that Hitler was a leftist, because the Left can be defined as more government, so Fascism is far left. In the same way, that buzzfeed employee could argue their own view of what misogyny is. To them, when a man spreads their legs in public, this is the sexist act of manspreading.

What these people (and you) are doing is taking a word that has a strongly negative connotation, arguing for an expanded categorization of this word in an attempt to rub off that connotation on something else. But all this succeeds in doing is devaluing said word.

Fascism has a negative connotation because its consequence was the death of 60-100 million people. That has nothing to do with Bernie supporters wanting to give people free healthcare. The “more government” connection (what even does ‘more government’ mean?) has to be proven more than circumstantial. Likewise, sexism has a negative connotation because of rape, women in the past not having basic rights like the right to vote, etc. But a man letting his balls get some air has nothing to do with that, even if people find it a little rude.

They have algebraically replaced a world phenomenon with a term, much like a mathematician replaces a quantity with the letter ‘X’ on paper. Then they have discursively reasoned using the term, not the phenomenon. You can find the length of a square’s side from the root of the area. We have a square that is 4 cm2. So what is √4? Math tells us that it is ±2. So a square in real life can have a negative length? This is the lunacy that you will accept with analytical reasoning if you do not understand its premises.

So instead of lazily giving us a definition full of nebulous terms, why not prove to me that any similarities between modern Russia and the Fascist countries are more than circumstantial? What is the unity behind these particular examples? All states are militaristic. All states suppress real opposition. Authoritarianism is no realer than the boogeyman. Russia does not have a “strong regimentation of society” so you’re just flat out wrong there.

I did that when I was staying over at a friends house in middle school once, and instead of the parents getting mad at me, they got mad at my friend. “why can’t you be more like them?”

It’s more likely some feature of the way the data is collected. You can see there is a clear trend without the spike. If it was about Jan 6, that would mean 900,000 comments about Jan 6. I think it’s just a mistake.

Many reasons. Sometimes the water table is too high. Sometimes the ground isn’t actually colder because it is a material that retains a lot of heat. Digging is expensive. And of course, most people don’t want to live underground.

New technology is cool. But since it requires the bacteria to be fed with plant matter, this will compete with agriculture for food production if produced in scale.

New community !deepintopeertube for obscure videos
Lemmy version of r/deepintoyoutube on Reddit [!deepintopeertube@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/deepintopeertube)

Seems like a piece the Ukrainian president would want to play. It would look pretty funny.

Yes until 8th grade. Self defense isn’t really the problem. I could defend myself physically just fine. That doesn’t resolve the social dynamics of bullying. Although I guess it doesn’t hurt to know.

If there are 4-5 different types of plug that people use, let’s say I need to charge my phone and want to borrow a charger from someone. I have to carry around 4-5 different adapters for whatever a willing person to help me might have. I don’t even have a single adapter because one is too much to carry around at all times. Thank God USB and power outlets are standard, otherwise I would need to have like 15 adapters at all times.

You can easily install a different OS on your computer. You can’t just start using a different type of charger for a device. Apples and oranges.

No, it’s just an adjective for gender. But if instead of saying something like “my best friend is a woman” you said “my best friend is a female” it sounds like you are an alien talking about some kind of specimen.

I’ve heard this strategy breaks fiduciary responsibility. So if they do this, there’s a possibility twitter gets sued by some of their shareholders.

He doesn’t have majority ownership. Vanguard capital and Saudi Arabia are buying more shares to hold on to a majority, and the board of twitter is doing a poison pill to devalue his shares. It’s anyone’s guess who wins.

It works better if you just buy really really big boots and leave them at your front door. And also put like a fake skeleton with “here be giants” written on the wall in fake blood

Round plug? No. We need a mobius strip USB so that you always get it right on the first try.

I don’t think migration is possible, you would just have to make an alt account. Although mastodon does have this feature, so it is possible that it gets added one day

I think it’s alright. It removes the possibility for name squatting and monopolizing on a community name, any instance can make their own version if they don’t like the moderation. But I think some communities will tend to be more active over time than others. You could see a community about music on lemmy, but maybe the most active community for backpacking happens to be on another instance. As long as users are spread out, it will work this way.

edit: I think a good example is how communist/marxist communities are more active on lemmygrad. It helps if an instance is tailored to a particular topic, like mander.xyz is for biology, collapse.cat is for climate change, etc

This is from lemmur. Gonna try logging out and in right now.

Edit: Don’t seem to be able to log back in once I’m logged out. @krawieck@lemmy.ml @shilangyu@lemmy.ml

works for me but I know others have had problems logging in

I’m sure they mean to exclude people from Crimea as well, but since it has been de facto a part of Russia for 8 years, I guess it just goes without saying

From what I’ve seen the developers don’t condone using the software for hateful purposes. That’s why Lemmy used to have a slur filter built in to the software. That said there’s nothing they can do to prevent anyone from running an instance the way they see fit, and that’s a good thing, because it makes it decentralized. The code is open source under the GPL license, which means anyone could take the code and copy it to make their own version as long as that version is open source.

There are free speech Lemmy instances that exist. Most other instances block them though because most people on here don’t want to see casual racism in their feed. I think most people are fine with a little moderation and don’t want to give a platform to hateful communities.

I don’t want lemmy to be a second reddit.

It is impossible for this to happen because Lemmy is open source and federated, and Reddit isn’t. Anyone can fork the source code and start a new instance if they are unhappy with the moderation of existing instances.

Oligarch: A ruler in an oligarchy
Oligarchy: Rule by oligarchs

Someone downvoted a comment I had literally 2 secs after I posted it. They wouldn’t have had time to read anything I wrote or the source I linked. They’re seething at anyone who thinks outside the NATO box.

They hold a neo-nazi view of whiteness based on aryan purity. Russians are considered asiatic by nazis. Syrians are considered semitic. The truth is this is about imperial interests, they just find the neo-nazi race conciousness convenient.

The capital is Skopje, which I learned today was also the capital of the Serbian empire

Lemmygrad is blocked by some instances. That could be why

travelers.zip lol

Brigaders are coming from /pol/
I found the source of the brigaders. Links to thread if interested. ::: spoiler spoiler https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/357761310 https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/357755957 Archive https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/357755957/ https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/357761310/ :::