Based on the Arch distribution, Parabola is a complete, user-friendly operating system, suitable for general “everyday” use, while retaining Arch’s “power-user” charm. Parabola adheres to the GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines (FSDG).

    22 years ago

    I know what the difference between Arch and Parabola is, but I’m not sure the differences are large enough to warrant an entire separate community away from an Arch specific one. What could a Parabola community possibly talk about that couldn’t be posted in an Arch community with a Parabola tag or something?

    • dinomugOP
      2 years ago

      To generalize

      In technical terms there are no differences, both communities (including Manjaro, and other arch-based communities) collaborate with each other (finding/fixing bugs, documentation, etc.). The key differences are in the social/political field. The parabola project is more concerned about social aspects of technology and its impact in all the spheres of human been: freedom/free will, planned obsolescence, social movements, environmental issues, morality/ethics, etc. In contrast the Arch project is more concerned about the technological aspects: the limits of computing and technology in general (less political).

      The same happens with Trisquel/Debian, FSF/OSI, etc.