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It has 5 built in visualizers but no support for plugins (like ProjectM).

Frightening. And they expect people to want to do banking this way!

onixd is a cross-platform desktop client built for Subsonic-API

FLOSS alternative to subsonic, supporting its many clients

Hoping the core dump with MPD issue is fixed in this release

Catering to their right wing user base, maybe?

DDG has become popular with far right groups lately. So there’s some good to come from this move.

There’s qmpdclient but it may have been abandoned as well. Strange to see that no QT based mpd clients are in active development while KDE is probably more popular than it’s ever been.

Author has decided this is the final release and has archived the project. Hopefully a good fork emerges. It would be a shame for this great mpd client to die now.

Lenovo has not been a friend to FOSS in the past. I expect more evil shit embedded into this platform too.

A minor Ymuse update codenamed 0.19 Ukraine 🇺🇦 is released. Ymuse is a client application for the Music Player Daemon.

I wish there was a project like this for old Unix DEs rather than Microsoft Windows.

No kidding. It’s like putting a bumper sticker on a Ferrari.

Brave sucks in general. It’s has too much bullshit built in. Yes you can disable it but easier to just use a better browser.

One engineer and one conductor can move 18,000 tons of freight. I don’t see how making trains fully autonomous makes sense here.

Tried it out just for fun because I’ve never used Chrome OS. It’s too limited for my tastes but I can see it being useful for replacing Windows.

Just an FYI: You can’t create a USB installer from Linux (MacOS, Windows only).


Seems to be. Dude is a cancer on the Linux community.

The benchmarks also show a ton of variance between distros which makes me think the testing methodology might be off here.

Scaling on Wayland doesn’t work for me so X11 is here to stay until that gets fixed

Scheduling service which optimizes Linux's CPU scheduler and automatically assigns process priorities for improved desktop responsiveness.

Holy shit. Between this and all the crazy “self driving” behavior these cars should be banned from the roads.

Quality control must be an easy job at the ole Tesla factory

You can always use a libreddit instance. Change reddit.com in the URL to libredd.it. I have a local instance and use the Privacy Redirect extension to make Google search results use my local instance instead of the actual site.

Yep. Lots of jerking off over screenshots of wallpaper and neofetch.

Like I’m going to let someone install a chip Elon made in my brain…

ProtonMail is a service lauded for its commitment to privacy. It’s a particular favorite amongst journalists, as it can be used by whistleblowers and the like securely without fear of revealing their identity. However, ProtonMail was recently compelled by Swiss authorities to release the IP address it had logged of a user, though it had a good reason.

That’s hilarious! As if I needed more proof that NFTs are a joke. 🍿

The friendship app Replika was created to give users a virtual chatbot to socialize with. But how it’s now being used has taken a darker turn.

A Tesla Model S exited a freeway, ran a red light and slammed into a Honda Civic in 2019 in Gardena

Satellite streaks aren't yet a huge problem, but they're bound to increase as Musk's SpaceX and other companies launch more low-Earth orbiting satellites, the American Astronomical Society says.

Microsoft says dozens of computer systems at an unspecified number of Ukrainian government agencies have been infected with destructive malware disguised as ransomware

Time Magazine Person Of The Year 2021 and Ghislane Maxwell

ESP Web Tools allows you to manage ESP8266 and ESP32 devices in the browser: install new firmware, update firmware, connect device to the Wi-Fi network, visit the device's hosted web interface and add devices to Home Assistant.

Sonixd is a cross-platform desktop client built for Subsonic-API (and Jellyfin in 0.8.0+) compatible music servers. This project was inspired by the many existing clients, but aimed to address a few key issues including scalability, library management, and user experience.

The recent activity around x86 (x86_64 included) straight-line speculation mitigation handling is set to culminate with this security feature being set for mainline with the upcoming Linux 5.17 cycle.

Metadata within a file can tell a lot about you. Cameras record data about when and where a picture was taken and which camera was used. Office applications automatically add author and company information to documents and spreadsheets. This is sensitive information and you may not want to disclose it. This tool allows you to view metadata in your files and to get rid of it, as much as possible.

Starting with kernel 5.17 the kernel supports the builtin privacy screens built into the LCD panel of some new laptop models.

Best Buy — the exclusive US retailer of the TCL Google TVs — has abruptly removed both models from its store listings, and TCL confirms to The Verge that there are issues being ironed out.

When it comes to the state of packaged web browsers for Debian GNU/Linux, unfortunately it leaves a lot to be desired at the moment and for those wanting to be secure and up-to-date it can mean resorting to proprietary or un-packaged browser builds.

Russia has blocked the web anonymity service TOR, the RBC business daily reported Wednesday, citing state communications watchdog Roskomnadzor, in what activists warn is part of an effort to restrict internet freedom within the country.

Golf courses could be turned into something much more useful and eco-friendly -- and some places are doing just that

Apple CEO Tim Cook "secretly" signed an agreement worth more than $275 billion with Chinese officials, promising that Apple would help to develop China's economy and technological capabilities, The Information reports.