Today I opened Lemmy and I sincerely horrified when I saw all the junk that some people posted. I’m not here to insult anyone. I’m writing this post because i want to warn all the people involved in this unspeakable acts. I beg you to stop because in the end you’re going to make your life miserable. You’re continuing to create new identities in order to spread abysmal content for what? It’s pointeless, really. You will not able to damage the project in the long term, admins are very active and they will ban you pretty quickly. What you’re really doing here is damage your own mental health. Trust me when i say that the ones who are getting damaged are you and not Lemmy. Please do something in your life which has a meaningful purpose, eventually you’ll feel better about yourself.

P.s. I don’t know if this is the right place to post it.

1urte bat

I really appreciate what you are trying to do, but my experience with such trolls is more that such writings, however well-intentioned, does not make them stop, but their pea-brains feel spurred to continue and even make fun of it.

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