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I have a Reddit account since 2012. Used it once and it was awful, so I never touched it again.

Welcome back Thunderbird. Even if you were never gone from my place.

Welcome to the Fediverse, EU 😂

I’ve never seen an “alternative” to Twitter. I just saw additions. Twitter is for those, imho, who just give a shit about hate-speech, advertising, bad moderation, …
Other platforms are more for those who are really interested in conversations, feedback and maybe critique.

cross-posted from: https://fapsi.be/post/64476 > Found this little helper today, tried it, and I'm really happy. Finally, I can write with Markdown and still have an overview of plot, characters, notes, …

There is a reason, why I block this person who wrote it. She allows herself to be influenced by hate speech, tries to force her opinion on others, and abuses her power of an entire instance to lock someone out instance-wide because one person pushes Twitter’s lies on her.
This person is not trustworthy because she lashes out with her ignorance and arrogance and thinks she can get away with anything.
She can’t even follow her own instance rules, where it is written that even microaggressions are not allowed, but she and several members of her instance make active use of #Fediblock, in which they offend the denounced persons now and then. In addition, she carries information that people have emailed her into her public timeline and uses it to further incite hatred.

I would suggest a title like “Videos about self-hosting”.

The title of this post is a bit misleading. Could you please add more information to it?

I’m using Filestash with a minio backend. Works amazing.

I’m a great fan of both. But for a simple file vault, Nextcloud would be a bit overloaded. I used Seafile a long time, but switched to Nextcloud because of calendar, contacts, …
But beside these two options, Cozy and Pydio could be worth a try. Both are selfhostable too. Especially Cozy seems to be very close on the UI known from Dropbox.

There are minor things not working. E.g. networking with Wireguard and OpenVPN are turned off mostly, because on container VMs this needs some changes on host side. Switching the Kernel is not possible. Most of the time very system-oriented operations. If it’s just about providing a web page, e.g. Lemmy, etc. that would be perfectly adequate.

VMWare is a virtual machine. Not a physical one. The only difference that could be is, that vStack may run like an OpenVZ Container and using the hosts kernel, … instead of it’s own. I’m currently on mobile, so I can’t take a closer look the the homepage

For me, adblocker are more kind of self defense. One wouldn’t need them, when most website operators wouldn’t add more ad than content to their pages.

Announcing that your announcement is stateless.

Why so negative? I think about something like “Nearly 10% of Linux systems already use Wayland”.

Unless he’s using Mastodon. Then the mentions are automatically added. Depends on the client he’s using.

That’s an interesting point of view. Even though, you couldn’t split the Fediverse into just 4 parts, in my eyes.

My experience over the last few years is that Discord in particular is used for organized cyberbullying, hate speech, blackmailing, badmouthing, as support seems to be more than absent. And if support ever gets back to you, you feel like you’re in a German ‘Media Markt’: “That’s not my department!”.
As an aside, almost everyone there seems to think they can make their own laws and ignore, for example, countries’ privacy laws. Sharing screenshots from direct messages seems to be as normal as brushing teeth for many there.

oh, nice. But sadly not usable with an existing ONLYOFFICE document portal CE. One can open the files from the portal, but it’s not allowed to edit without a license 🙁

Because I’m often on the train, it’s easier for me to take an e-book reader, than anytime carrying a book with me.

I want a Drow emoji. And a Tiefling one! /s

All this bullshit about emojis, just because someone feels excluded because there is no emoji for their “identity” is just nonsense. All of a sudden, emojis were no longer allowed to be just yellow, but had to have a skin color. Children, LGTBQ+, or other emojis came, just so no one would feel pissed off. What would everyone do if emojis were just 2 or 3 characters again?

There is also a mobile app for iOS. But in general I am always skeptical about software that advertises itself as “Based in Luxembourg (Germany, …), secure by design”. As if the country in which a software is developed has any influence on how secure a software is. 🤷

What if … Cross posts were only symlinks?
I see it very often, especially with Linux, Libre Culture and Open Source, that one and the same is discussed in 2 or more threads. In one a consent was found, in another not, and in the third are only posted links to one of the other discussions. So I asked myself, what if a cross post would only link to the original instead of creating an own entry?

Fapsi - An instance for all the creative. No matter if you're a writer, author or illustrator.
My intention behind the instance is to provide a place for creatives to discuss or present their work. Mastodon may be all good, but a topic tends to get lost quickly, and for authors and writers the character limit is usually an obstacle. In contrast to the usual instances in the Fediverse, on Fapsi no one should be condemned if you link to your book on e.g. Amazon. Also, nerdy discussions about Dungeons & Dragons and other TTRPG are very welcome.

I've managed to include lemmy.ml and fapsi.be search results in my public searx instance on [search.bka.li](https://search.bka.li) To do the same, open the `settings.yml` file of your searx installation, search for the `engines:` part and add the following lines: ```yaml - name : lemmy engine : json_engine search_url : https://lemmy.ml/api/v3/search?q={query}&page={pageno}&type_=Posts results_query : posts url_query : post/ap_id title_query : post/name content_query : post/body categories : general, social media shortcut : le paging : True disabled : False ``` After restart, you're able to see and select lemmy at the searx preferences page under the tabs `general` and `social media`. A search would look like this: ![](https://fapsi.be/pictrs/image/VWLCpbKSIk.png) Source: [search.bka.li](https://search.bka.li/search?q=what%20is%20lemmy&categories=social+media&language=en-US) You can also add comments: ```yaml - name : lemmy comments engine : json_engine search_url : https://lemmy.ml/api/v3/search?q={query}&page={pageno}&type_=Comments results_query : comments url_query : post/ap_id title_query : post/name content_query : post/body categories : general, social media shortcut : lec paging : True disabled : False ``` As well as communities: ```yaml - name : lemmy communities engine : json_engine search_url : https://lemmy.ml/api/v3/search?q={query}&page={pageno}&type_=Communities results_query : communities url_query : post/ap_id title_query : post/name content_query : post/body categories : general, social media shortcut : leco paging : True disabled : False ``` User search is possible too, but adding this would only support bullying and stalking. For ethical reasons, I decline to post an example of this as well. **Be careful:** Never use the same `shortcut` for different engines. When your searx will not load or time out, check the `shortcut` first.

Lemmy's search as JSON
Is it possible to get Lemmy's search result in JSON format? E.g., to include the search in search engines like searx. That would be really awesome.

TinyList – OpenSource Note-Taking
cross-posted from: https://fapsi.be/post/2397 > Source code is available on [GitHub](https://github.com/baggachipz/tinylist)

TinyList – Note-Taking PWA
Source code is available on [GitHub](https://github.com/baggachipz/tinylist)

Self hostable report-uri collector
I'm looking for a self-hostable report-uri collector like report-uri.com for CSP and Expect-CT. I already found some very minimalistic ones who only log onto stdout or are not updated for years.

It's kind of sad to see a network that you've been a part of from the beginning of its creation fall into the Twitter mentality of hate speech and cancel culture. For example this #Fediblock, where anybody just can post something and many non thinking just believe what was posted there, without getting any prove if it's true or not. What do you think about such a culture at the fediverse? Edit: Changed description and title to reduce confusion

Configurable default theme
Is it planned or already possible to set the default FE theme? I really want to set "cyborg" as default on my instance.

Webmention support?
Are there any plans to support [webmentions](https://www.w3.org/TR/webmention/)? Or are they already included?

I have tried many Kanban systems. Some were good, others somewhat less. But this one looks promising.