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I was always happy with the combination of transmissiond running on a file server and transmission-remote as client, available for Linux, Windows and Android.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to get a small SSD instead of a USB stick and connect it via USB using an external enclosure? There shouldn’t be much difference regarding performance, but there should be in lifespan. You could also split partitions up and use the free space for other things.

Den Link dazu findest du direkt auf deiner Instanz, oder im Titel vom Originalbeitrag von mir 🙂

I wonder what they would do, if Twitter would implement ActivityPub? 🤔

ohh. Now it’s getting interesting. Thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely take a look into it.

Mastodon - Who blocks whom
A few days ago, a page was published in the Fediverse where you could check which Mastodon instance is blocking whom in the Fediverse. This was made possible by a programmer who used the new Mastodon API introduced in 4.0 and automatically read out the blacklists of the instances. The reaction to the page was quickly visible, especially in the hash tag #FediBlock. There, the first administrators began to demonize the page and cried about how it would allow them to read their blocklists. Not only that the blocklists are publicly viewable, but that it tastes like a filth that #FediBlock apparently thinks it's okay to publish blacklists with hatespeech-like reasoning to denounce, but won't allow anyone to use their blacklist to point out which instance is blocking which. Thus, it clearly shows again that #FediBlock is solely a pillory to those who seem to have achieved nothing in their lives. However, the information about who blocks whom is in many ways more than just interesting for those who want to choose an instance. As it was already written in a [German thread](https://feddit.de/post/466186) about the topic, it would be helpful to know whether you reach your target group at all, if you register on an instance. The fact that #FediBlock is so hostile toward this doesn't exactly represent the transparency they're aiming for, but rather anarchy/dictatorship. And exactly for transparency reasons, I'm glad that I was able to download this list early enough to make it available to you. For those who now want to complain to me, because I have published this without their "consent", please send an e-mail to support@bka.li, the request will then be forwarded to my lawyer! And those who are so hungry for consent, you should think about whether you #FediBlocker have the consent for your nonsense?

Why is it so hard to send a correct UserAgent?
Especially with the rush from Twitter, there are more and more bots and crawlers coming up from the Fediverse that just can't manage to send a correct UserAgent. Many apps, which want to make usage of several platforms, just submit the framework they use for their connection. Like `python/1.2.3`, `Dart/1.23` or `http.rb/1.2.3`. The biggest problem with this behavior is, that I as the operator and administrator want to secure the system, but I would lock out legitimate software by targeting only the UserAgent. Especially the `python/1.2.3` in particular, but has also attracted malicious attention many times in my log files. I'm really grateful, that Lemmy developer decided to use a customized UserAgent, so that I as admin can directly see what request it is and where it comes from. That makes it so much easier to make the decision of harm or no harm. On my servers, I started to block all requests with a “default” or empty UserAgent, but I wonder, how it's possible to fix this issue in general? Any ideas?

I prefer distro packages, because they don’t need to install dependencies, which are already installed. But for testing out a program or in need of several versions of one and the same one, it’s a great deal.
But even for testing or running multiple versions, AppImage is the better solution, in my opinion.

LibreOffice is great. I used their offline tools since release, and I really should take my time to take a look at their online version. Currently, I’m using ONLYOFFICE with Nextcloud at home.
Thanks for the hint.

It already is. Just take a look at the FediBlock Hash-Tag on the Fediverse-SNS side. Not only those who get blocked there, but also those, who writes the “recommendation”.

They’re only talking about the clouds. So, it’s not allowed to use e.g. Microsoft Skydrive or Google Drive. But as long as it’s possible to use Microsoft Office also offline, they’re doing it here.
Banning the clouds is a good start, but politics stopped there, without thinking about the offline software.

Did they? If so, then way too many schools don’t think to switch. I have way too many friends who are unhappy that their children still bring docx documents home, if at all. Because digitization here is seriously stuck in the Stone Age, many schools aren’t particularly equipped.

Let’s hope, other countries do the same with MS Office and Google Docs.

More interesting question would be, how to deal with incoming messages from other systems, which doesn’t support a karma system? 🤔

uff … Already this old? It feels like last year that I’ve seen it the first time.

As I see the downvotes on this, but not on the real stupid ones, I’ll don’t open such a safe space. I think, that many still will not understand, until they suffer by themselves. I hope, the down voters will never need to find a safe space. Good luck!

EDIT: I see, that all of a sudden the traces are quickly erased. This shows how much a safe space would be needed. However, I will discard my idea!

Why not? I could ask the other way. Why creating new Mastodon/Pleroma/Friendica/… instances, when already many exists? A lot of them even without a clear topic and a lot of spam.
And why shouldn’t I use the Lemmy software? Should I prefer an old BBS, which have no apps? Or should I use a static homepage with a disqus like comment option?
The Lemmy software offers a private option and a clear, topic based structure. And federation is optional. Or do you use all functions of the Friendica instance you are? Do you use any option in your phone? If not, why have you bought it? Reinventing the wheel?

deleted by creator

deleted by creator

Utopia has always been just wishful thinking and will always be.

cross-posted from: https://fapsi.be/post/64476 > Found this little helper today, tried it, and I'm really happy. Finally, I can write with Markdown and still have an overview of plot, characters, notes, …

There is also a mobile app for iOS. But in general I am always skeptical about software that advertises itself as “Based in Luxembourg (Germany, …), secure by design”. As if the country in which a software is developed has any influence on how secure a software is. 🤷

What if … Cross posts were only symlinks?
I see it very often, especially with Linux, Libre Culture and Open Source, that one and the same is discussed in 2 or more threads. In one a consent was found, in another not, and in the third are only posted links to one of the other discussions. So I asked myself, what if a cross post would only link to the original instead of creating an own entry?

Fapsi - An instance for all the creative. No matter if you're a writer, author or illustrator.
My intention behind the instance is to provide a place for creatives to discuss or present their work. Mastodon may be all good, but a topic tends to get lost quickly, and for authors and writers the character limit is usually an obstacle. In contrast to the usual instances in the Fediverse, on Fapsi no one should be condemned if you link to your book on e.g. Amazon. Also, nerdy discussions about Dungeons & Dragons and other TTRPG are very welcome.

I've managed to include lemmy.ml and fapsi.be search results in my public searx instance on [search.bka.li](https://search.bka.li) To do the same, open the `settings.yml` file of your searx installation, search for the `engines:` part and add the following lines: ```yaml - name : lemmy engine : json_engine search_url : https://lemmy.ml/api/v3/search?q={query}&page={pageno}&type_=Posts results_query : posts url_query : post/ap_id title_query : post/name content_query : post/body categories : general, social media shortcut : le paging : True disabled : False ``` After restart, you're able to see and select lemmy at the searx preferences page under the tabs `general` and `social media`. A search would look like this: ![](https://fapsi.be/pictrs/image/VWLCpbKSIk.png) Source: [search.bka.li](https://search.bka.li/search?q=what%20is%20lemmy&categories=social+media&language=en-US) You can also add comments: ```yaml - name : lemmy comments engine : json_engine search_url : https://lemmy.ml/api/v3/search?q={query}&page={pageno}&type_=Comments results_query : comments url_query : post/ap_id title_query : post/name content_query : post/body categories : general, social media shortcut : lec paging : True disabled : False ``` As well as communities: ```yaml - name : lemmy communities engine : json_engine search_url : https://lemmy.ml/api/v3/search?q={query}&page={pageno}&type_=Communities results_query : communities url_query : post/ap_id title_query : post/name content_query : post/body categories : general, social media shortcut : leco paging : True disabled : False ``` User search is possible too, but adding this would only support bullying and stalking. For ethical reasons, I decline to post an example of this as well. **Be careful:** Never use the same `shortcut` for different engines. When your searx will not load or time out, check the `shortcut` first.

Lemmy's search as JSON
Is it possible to get Lemmy's search result in JSON format? E.g., to include the search in search engines like searx. That would be really awesome.

TinyList – OpenSource Note-Taking
cross-posted from: https://fapsi.be/post/2397 > Source code is available on [GitHub](https://github.com/baggachipz/tinylist)

TinyList – Note-Taking PWA
Source code is available on [GitHub](https://github.com/baggachipz/tinylist)

Self hostable report-uri collector
I'm looking for a self-hostable report-uri collector like report-uri.com for CSP and Expect-CT. I already found some very minimalistic ones who only log onto stdout or are not updated for years.

It's kind of sad to see a network that you've been a part of from the beginning of its creation fall into the Twitter mentality of hate speech and cancel culture. For example this #Fediblock, where anybody just can post something and many non thinking just believe what was posted there, without getting any prove if it's true or not. What do you think about such a culture at the fediverse? Edit: Changed description and title to reduce confusion

Configurable default theme
Is it planned or already possible to set the default FE theme? I really want to set "cyborg" as default on my instance.

Webmention support?
Are there any plans to support [webmentions](https://www.w3.org/TR/webmention/)? Or are they already included?

I have tried many Kanban systems. Some were good, others somewhat less. But this one looks promising.