A weakened Facebook is only more dangerous: Facebook delenda est Facebook is an inherent irredeemable massive catastrophic data risk. A weakened or failing Facebook only multiplies that threat. One of my frequently-repeated Google+ posts asked what Google were doing to brownshirt-proof their vast troves of personal information. I've since created similar posts for Apple and Facebook: https://toot.cat/@dredmorbius/107046010705188693 A weak Facebook, or Google or Apple, or any other data monopolist (https://archive.is/3r9mH) all pose a risk regardless of whether you directly participate in them or not. You are in the data graph. Smug satisfaction at "they never had me as a user" utterly fails to ackowledge this point or risk. Monoply control over data fundamentally enables and results in surveillance, propaganda, censorship, disinformation, and targeted manipulation and coercion. And I'm one of those people whom Facebook never had as a user. My personal response to recruiters h...

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