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In the article “The changing economics of open source” Ken Mugrage present the Free Software Sustainability problem from the perspective of companies depending on free software developed by hobbyists. The article defines three different types of free or open source software: Free Software developed by companies or individuals trying to make a living by this activity. Open Source projects used for publicity of Big Tech. Free Software developed by hobbyists as a recreational voluntary activity. ...

How can we develop free software sustainably?

After discussion on Mastodon, I found these criteria were most wanted by the community that was willing to engage me there:

  • Accessibility of any scheme should match or even be greater than the accessibility of contributing to free software is today.
  • Decentralization of decision making. Any scheme shouldn’t require loyalty to some organization, person or persons.
  • Independence of Big Tech. Any scheme should work with or without the consent of Big Tech.
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Social Media Reimagined

This is a companion to Fediverse Futures on Social Coding to elaborate the Fediverse from high-level, non-technical perspectives, brainstorming our visions and dreams.

We need a more holistic approach to fedi development and evolution. We need product designers, graphics artists, UX / UI / Interaction designers, futurists and visionaries to join the dev folks. Everyone is encouraged to join here and enrich our views on what Fediverse can be with diverse and different viewpoints, and to stimulate brainstorming, creativity, thinking out-of-the-box and crazy, wild ideas.

Some guidelines

  • Choose a descriptive title that speaks for itself.
  • Be substantive in your comments and stay on-topic.
  • Treat others as you want to be treated, respectful.
  • Don’t be overly critical, we are just brainstorming.

Please read the Social Coding Community Participation Guidelines for more information.

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