Hello, I am trying to update from 0.16.3 to 0.16.5 with Ansible.

It is on my test instance, i use this:

git pull


ansible-playbook -vvv -u MYUSERNAME -k -K -i inventory/hosts lemmy.yml --become

It does everything with no error but when I try to visit the website i receive:

404: FetchError: request to http://lemmy:8536/api/v3/site? failed, reason: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN lemmy

Could the problem be that I am using the backend (on different folders) multiple instances of lemmy?

2urte bat

Found out just now what the problem was.

I am writing this to help others: the federation was active in that instance but it was also marked as a private instance. This gave no problems in using it until the update (probably because it is restarted and re-run Docker).

I removed the federation from the config file leaving only the private instance and it restarted immediately.

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