Hi all,

I’ve been experimenting with my Rock64 (one of Pine64’s SBC), and I have a running instance on it at https://lemmy.jdelcampo.eu/

It’s mostly for testing, it’s not always online, but I’d very much like to experiment with federation more ! I’d very much appreciate if I could federate with you :)

I don’t really have plans for it besides playing with other Fediverse instances (Mastodon running too), at least for now. For a single user experience it seems to be perfeclty fine.

  • Aode (He/They)
    33 years ago

    I love the rock64s! I have a number that I do self-hosting on :3

    Real excited for the Quartz64 model B too 👀

  • @Jojonintendo@lemmy.mlOP
    13 years ago

    So I’ve added this block to lemmy.hjson:

    federation: { enabled: true tls_enabled: true }

    I understand it’s ready to federate with any instance, as the allowlist isn’t set. However I can’t seem to find anything, even when posting full URLs in the search bar. Am I maybe missing something?

    I’m using the latest Docker images that no longer need iframely, if that matters somehow.