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I chose it at the start of the project 🤷

Update on this: I got the feature work done this weekend, so now I’ll be testing it a bunch for upgrades and storage migrations

I am aware of garage, but haven’t tested it yet with pict-rs. It’s a cool project for sure

Yes. It uses sha256 rather than perceptual hashing, but that’s Good Enough™️

I’m not against including an ipfs layer in pict-rs, but the complexity would go way up. Federating an image between lemmy servers would require sending the ipfs uri between servers via activitypub, and then each receiving server sending that uri to pict-rs. pict-rs would then need to decide, on each server, if the ipfs-stored image matches that servers’ image requirements (max filesize, max dimensions, etc), and if it does, then that pict-rs server would request to pin the image. I don’t know exactly how ipfs pinning works, but ideally it would only be stored locally if it isn’t already stored in at least N other locations. If the remote image doesn’t match the local server’s configuration, it could either be rejected or downloaded & processed (resized etc).

Serving ipfs-stored images that aren’t replicated locally might also be slow, but I won’t know for sure unless I actually try building this out.

I can only say “when it’s ready.” I think most of what I want to include in 0.4 is there, but I don’t have a ton of time to work on it currently. I might see if I can get my last feature changes in this weekend, then it will be a matter of ensuring the 0.3 -> 0.4 upgrade is smooth, and that storage migration is solid

pict-rs doesn’t keep track of how often it serves different images, so there’s not a good metric for pruning old images. That said, 0.4 will introduce functionality for cleaning up processed images (e.g. resizes/thumbnails), removing their files & metadata. If they are viewed again, they will be re-generated.

0.4 will also include the ability to scale down images on upload, rather than storing the original resolution. This is not yet implemented, but it’s on my roadmap.

All this said, it is already possible to use pict-rs with object storage (s3-compatible), rather than block storage. That’s a good option if your hosting provider offers it

what I noticed personally is that my pict-rs server had eaten 1,200MB of RAM, which is the limit I allowed that container. it was still working and it automatically restarted on crash so I didn’t notice it oops

after I fixed the problem, my pict-rs server has been running at about 29MB for the last 12 hours. Significant improvement I’d say


I gave tokio-console a buffer way too big


Update pict-rs to at least v0.3.0-rc.7, which doesn’t enable console by default

how long does it take for pict-rs to use up this memory?

Lemmy and pict-rs support optionally exporting opentelemetry spans, and setting up Jaeger to capture those is a nice way to manage traces without shipping data to third parties

I’m a sponsor on github for spacejam (github user) and elementary OS, and I’m a patron of Hector Martin on patreon.

Pawoo is a mastodon server run by the same company that owns pixiv. They’re using the default mastodon description but have also deliberately added tracking because they’re a company that doesn’t care about privacy.

I dont really know what point this post is trying to make. There are other mastodon servers you can join that wont track your activity.

As an update, I’m back online on cable internet instead of fiber. I still need to get our fiber fixed but paying a different provider to get us online in the meantime made some amount of sense. should work now

If you want all the code required to build pict-rs I can try getting it all working on this evening

Yup, my internet is down. A fiber line in our neighbor’s attic was broken (assuming an animal chewed through it). We’re trying to get back online but it’s taking some time. So far we’ve been offline for around 87 hours :/

I love the rock64s! I have a number that I do self-hosting on :3

Real excited for the Quartz64 model B too 👀

For those who don’t know, it’s Rust

I also do a lot of JS and Ruby at work, though

Oops! I lost my postgres
I'm writing this to hopefully get the attention of []( or []( to let them know that I lost my database today, which means my gitea (where pict-rs is hosted) is down until I get a new database in place and upload the source again I think I'll have that up again this evening In related news I will not be on mastodon or matrix for a while