Im not sure if anyone knows what skulls is ( but I have some questions about it.Are there some things mecessary to do or optional before starting the installation process?(installing via rasberry pi btw)Also what should I get a x230 or a T430 to install this on?Which one would you recommend and why?Is there different use cases for them?I plan on using it for normal things,lightweight gaming,possibly running a VM and such.Are there any videos on this process?If anyone could please answer all or at least some of these questions I would appreciate it.
12 urte

They have a différent form factor and weight. The x230 is 12" the t430 14" iirc.

If you’re gonna be mobile I would go with a x230 get the t430 otherwise

For the spec it all depends what is sold around you. You can upgrade the ram, disk easily. I read that i7 version tend to be harsher on the battery autonomy, I would go for a i5 if you plan to be often away from a plug, i7 otherwise.

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