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Dont connect it to the internet. That’s all

An app like redreader is faster on my old phone than any browser option and doesn’t require login either. However it doesn’t proxy my browsing…

It sucks :(

Reddit is unusable on mobile if you don’t install a third party app. A thread with 6 comments will require 3 click to display the whole thing. Fuck that

At least facebook did gradually… Reddit went in a year from an open sources plateform to a full on surveillance one.

The words you’re looking for are databases and open standard. Blochains solves nothing


Cultural creations are build upon logics of repetition and variation. Sampling is just the continuity of those logic made possible by technological advances.

Between crypto mining and 4chan prédiction, I prefer the latter. Still a waste of GPU.

Yep the article is not reviewed. Anyone can publish a pfd there.

Arxiv is a web archive where authors can publish their scientific papers, usually preprint.

The joke is you usually hear : “email the author to get the paper” but arxiv is not like a journal: it has already the PDF freely available.

You have a person conditionning your air in your attic?

yeah let’s kaboom those GPS and weather system. Fucking tracking tech always watching us.

Go watch the movie sunshine!

Sport event participate to nation building as a shared cultural moment.

But there are probably stronger variable.

Education is quite important and sport learned at school can be seen as an education of bodies.

Track & Graph


It’s a few minutes of work to setup but you can track anything with it.

Medito is a free , non intrusive app. It’s made by a non profit and i think it’s opensource (it’s on Github).

If you’re interrested by meditating give it a try. It’s well done.

{Also the submit an app for review is a Google form, wtf mozilla!}

You might says that of most comercial privacy services…


He gain his power from the spotlight.

We should just ignore him and stop giving him momentum.


Rational theories are remnants of modernist perspective in social sciences. Those were updated since the 70-80s .

To assert dominance.

Why wouldn’t you have your laptop blast the pornhub jingle every time you’re in a meeting?