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The title of this post is bullshit and does not correspond to the study results.

“We found that YouTube’s recommendation algorithm does not lead the vast majority of users down extremist rabbit holes, although it does push users into increasingly narrow ideological ranges of content in what we might call evidence of a (very) mild ideological echo chamber”


“Push slightly to the right.”

So the effect is small and it need reproducibility to be assessed correctly. Plus it all depends on the way they defined “right” wing content, which the news article take for granted.

It should be illegal to sell device connected to the internet without long term security update.

Cup of coffee as a measurement is meaningless anyway.

An expresso at the coffee place near my home is at 16g of coffee while an expresso out of the coffee machine at my work is 7g.

Moreover extraction will vary according to the method used and caffeine is variable across cofee species.

All of that is pretty much useless if you dont have access to a wifi.

Op want a place to express their prejudice as you stated a bigot.

Per your definition being intolerant of persons that explicitly state their bigotry doesn’t make you a bigot…

Ho yes. My phone is almost 9 year old. But I feel it significantly more than my laptop. The only reason it’s usable is because I don’t have google services and the only resource heavy app I run are two messaging apps. (5 years ago google maps was already struggling)

I wonder the difference in environmental impact between a 300€ laptop and a 2500€ one. Btw, the only time I’ve worked with a graphic designer, she had a 9yo thinkpad and was running open source software.

Professional work don’t necessarily means having the new shiny gadget. Computer have been used for creative works in all fields since decades.

Smartphones are also fashion goods, so there are indeed other logics at play.

Imo the issues with smartphones are their limited reparability and general fragility. Also if your phone is not supported by a custom os you’re quickly stuck update wise.

I think the main discussion here is: what added value does something like 3D Ray-tracing (or any new flashy tech) brings to the table? is it worth the human and environmental cost of upgrading your GPU or is it just a nice gimmick.

even that i’m not surz it’s true. You can do creative work on an old laptop.

I edit -somewhat regularly- video or images on my 11 yo laptop.

4k editing doesn’t work of course and export takes a while. It’s just about accepting limitations and working with and around it.

Computers games have existed for decades.

There is no need for a recent computer to have fun, games don’t become obsoletes over time.

The article doesn’t discuss what a perspective such as “the survival of the fittest” implies and mostly validate it.

Moreover some point are a bit weak the academic says sth like “there are more asthma in western societies, I think those are people with weak immune system” . first he’s has no empirical evidence second asthma is highly correlated with pollution I don’t think it’s an interresting indicator.

Is this reducing the quality of the entire human race’s gene pool? Due to medical science, the strongest are no longer the only ones to survive today

Wow, that question check a few fascist boxes.

Not saying it shouldn’t get asked. But at least the answer should tackles than dimension.

Edit: negation

you can convert epub to pdf with pandoc, but the other way around i’m not sûre it’s possible. Pdf destroy all formating