Over the weekend i made a simple read-only frontend for Imgur in the spirit of Invidio.us and nitter

It doesn’t support gifs/videos yet but it does handle albums. It is open source under AGPLv3 https://git.voidnet.tech/kev/imgin and has 0 javascript. It has a configurable cache.

Here is an example gallery view https://imgin.voidnet.tech/gallery/9wkPUsZ

The reason i made it is because for me, at least on desktop Imgur craps out on Tor Browser even just for viewing. You can append /layout/blog to albums but that still requires JS. Imgur also has lots of trackers and junk by default.

I still need to add tests and clean up the code, so it may be buggy. The idea is that it would be eventually added to privacy redirect addon to auto-redirect imgur links.

It is pretty small Python code so if you want to help me you can reach out.

Sopuli isn’t syncing comments for some reason, i’ll reply from onionr https://lemmy.ml/u/onionr

02 urte

Will this also support the “main page” feed?

02 urte

This is the author (See my edit bc of an issue with sopuli): Maybe if there is enough demand i’ll get to it eventually (or accept a PR). I want to support things like image descriptions, gifs, and comments first.

2 urte

Thanks. Maybe I don’t understand imgur enough. How are you using imgin now? How do you (as a user of imgin) discover the url of galleries? With regular imgur?

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