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It’s been usable in the Chrome family of browsers for a while. I wouldn’t want to do any production work this way, but imagine e.g. using a midi controller to interact with some other piece of equipment, connected through a browser. That’s kinda neat in my opinion.

Will take some time because the VM is at work and I’m on parental leave 😉

I might actually use this at least in a virtual machine.

This fruit is just too sweet not to reap it: It’s really cute how it doesn’t fit into your head how more than one person in the world doesn’t share your view about the same.

So much imagination in one place, so little in the other!

Always interested to see what you try to make out of my words. You could have been a gifted sculptor for all I know, you neither lack imagination nor the aspiration to transform stuff into something completely different.

I didn’t say basically anything you imply and have not enough time nor energy to waste in “discussions” with fundamentalists, so I’ll just conclude my annotations to your pseudointellectual ramblings with another “if you say so”.

I don’t get where did you even suddenly put in the word “desirable”.

You used Clausewitz’ description in terms of legitimizing war as a matter of politics (as you opposed someone else sarcastically saying you had to accept war as a matter of dispute between nations). If that was not your intention, then your post contains mostly whataboutism, pointing at others doing the same (?) thing in order to not be accused for something.

Obviously some wars are better than the others, for example liberation wars, while US imperialist wars are utterly reprehensible.

Yeah. If you say so.

250+ conflict since WW2 can attest

It’s 77 years since the end of WWII. There are around 200 countries in the world (also depending on how Mother Russia feels today about further annexations). A “conflict” is an extremely wide term. Therefore, I’m surprised it’s not more than that.
Politics are very different today than in the time of Bonaparte, therefore war as a matter of those and the reasons for it are hardly the same. So what I don’t get is why you pull out that 200 years old quote to excuse nations colliding in war in modern times. Yes, war is a reality. Of course it is, nobody ever denied that, just look what a great point you made there! But hell, do we have to like that or drop every effort to overcome it? Europe for instance lives in peace since the end of Nazi Germany, which is probably the longest period since, I don’t know, like ever? Yeah, not everybody was happy with every compromise that came with that peace. But I suggest that those were/are still better than open war.

Let ideas fight & die, not people.

This excuse fits every despicable war the US fought in the past just as well as Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Not sure if this is what you were after.

Also, in the years and years since Clausewitz wrote what you quote, one might acknowledge that international standards have come a long way. Just consider the historical context of the Napoleonic Wars, it’s just not the world we live in anymore.
Additionally, Clausewitz only meant that as an observation, not as something desirable.

I wrote this around two months ago. Maybe it solves a problem one or two of you might have. :) Also, I just used my method again just the other day and was happy that I had written it down, because I'd had a hard time remembering those commands. :D

So your point is you doubt that

  • the depicted man is actually Dmitry Utkin
  • said Utkin really has those SS-tattoos
  • he is the head of Wagner Group
  • Wagner Group was/is being charged with denazification of Ukraine


Such substance, so wow! 🤡

I’ll just leave that here, for whoever still thinks Putin’s war is about smashing Nazis in Ukraine. https://9gag.com/gag/aWgpQ1x

You are throwing tinfoil hat slang at me. Who is the “coup clique” in your world? Or wait, I’d rather not know, I’ve got better things to do with my time.

EU having neonazi problem

That is not what I said. We’ve seen an uprise over some years, but in Germany for instance, the right wing’s growth has stopped since a few years. Also, the more say the right wingers have, the more friendly they act towards Russia.

Ukraine is neonazi

Ukraine’s president is Jewish and their Nazis are not elected to their parliament. That’s my point: You say that EU is not neonazi, but Ukraine is. And shall we have a look hat Nazi iconography display among Russia’s military? Your stuff just doesn’t fit. Unless you’ve been overtaken by the Russian standpoint that everybody is a Nazi who doesn’t agree with “Mother Russia”, even declared antifascists and anti-nazists.

Other than that, you’re drawing arbitrary lines and buzzing up thin air.

you have been also accusing me for “conspiracy theories”

I know a pattern when I see one. Attributing all evil in the world to the US is one of them.

Oh and on the topic of self determination of the people of Donbas - look at this:

translated with Google lens:

The Oblast of Zaporizhzhia has roughly 1.6 million inhabitants. Now how come that there are less than 40k votes here? How is that possible if allegations are untrue that Russia, how shall I phrase it, “shaped” the participation to the referendum?
And why would you need to do that if you had a safe majority supporting your cause?

you are supporting neonazi puppet of USA

Man, honestly? I don’t even know where to start here. Let’s just say so much: At least Ukrainian neonazis are not elected in their parliament, opposed to those in France, Germany, Italy, you name it. If Ukraine is a neonazi US puppet state, who isn’t? And if that’s what you’re saying, you may be deeper into conspiracy thinking than you know (something even more apparent in “Ukraine is not EU puppet, it’s more like all three entities of UK, EU and UA are just puppets of the greater world hegemony.”).
Listen to yourself for once.

I support the people of Donbas right to selfdefence and selfdetermination.

That is probably the broadest definition of self defence in a long time. “Your honour, it all started when the other one punched back.”

the time when entire EU banded together to impose every imaginable sanction on the invader

I didn’t say those situations were 100% alike. My point was that there may be more to the EU’s position than being imperialistic war mongering shills.

I also rember when Victoria Nuland organized coup in Ukraine

Your posts on the topic are easy to find here, and display that you refrain from doing even the least amount of research that could shake your frail world view. Believe what you want, that’s none of my business, but you’re convincing no one.

UA had 8 years to stop killing people in Donbas

If you’re referring to the accusations of genocide by Ukraine, there never was never any proof of the whole thing. On the other hand, OSINT repeatedly showed fresh mass graves Russian occupiers had dug out before leaving, with very diverse bodies in those graves. You have to be knee-deep in propaganda to ignore these cases.

the situation is not exactly going in their favour now

I may be misinformed here, but to my latest knowledge Russia is not precisely advancing on all fronts, to put it mildly.

but it’s also majorly USA fault

It may be difficult acknowledging that there is not just one malevolent force behind all evil in the world (I was there too as a teenager and in my early twenties), but it pays off to widen your view.

I know that there are countries going after nuclear weapons as a matter of protection from invasion by the US, and I can see their point from their perspective. But still, that’s nothing I’d want to be implemented on a global scale.

I would ignore Putin’s speeches as of now, they seems to be addressed internally rather than externally

He is probably many things, but not stupid. He has to know how those speeches are perceived in the west. Even if they were for his in-group, the question remains why he has to dedicatedly say that he is not bluffing if he really isn’t.

You mistake what I say as endorsement where it is largely just a description.

Nice warmongering

In my book, war should be the very, very last resort. You may call me an imperialistic war mongering shill all that you want, but just know that I was already out on the streets back in 2003, protesting, when the US was about to invade Iraq. Major countries of the EU openly opposed that war, btw., enraging the US so much that the “freedom fries” issue came to place - remember?
Today, I very much support Ukraine’s right to self-defence, and I also believe it was right to throw down Nazi Germany in the 20th century (without implying that Putin and Hitler are alike). And it wasn’t Ukraine who fired the first shots, too.
Be my guest to speak your mind, yet I fail to see how you come to say this.

You […] scream about “national intertests” […] but never allow any other countries to act on theirs.

You can’t justify wrongdoings of A with wrongdoings of B.

You mean “puppet”.

Countries are not people, and the EU and Ukraine are very different in regards to their power. That’s just as close as you can come to friendship on that level.

… you cannon foddering your friends

You seem concerned about a global escalation of the war. What do you think would happen if NATO & EU led their own citizens to the battlefield? Then Russia would be at war with said institutions. What is it that you want now?
All in all, “economic warfare” looks like the most appropriate way of action for supporters of Ukraine, while I can understand that they wish for more.

you’re itching at the very prospect of nuclear war.

If we’re to blink every time people mention their nuclear arsenal, countries with such weapons could do whatever they want. Ymmv, but that’s not a world I want to live in.
Also, I wouldn’t call myself an experienced poker player, but even I have learned that when someone has to say that something is not a bluff, it most certainly is.

Well, that’s what you get if you de facto invade a country that’s friends with major parts of the EU. Kreml should be glad that it’s only soft power being used against Russia as of today.

French is inefficient in the sense that you write a lot more letters than you speak, but to my knowledge it’s at least consistent - unlike this JavaScript of spoken languages.

Honestly, I’ve never witnessed anybody really getting those two concepts mixed up, but countless times heard ramblings about people who supposedly do.

At least not a iota less than any crack witch doctor selling above product 🤡

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Money can exist outside a ledger. Bitcoin can’t, it literally is the ledger, and therefore not money.

While it is true that certain dietary deficits take years to surface in actual somatic issues and probably as well that the majority of vegans is younger than the western average, neither is evidence that a vegan diet (especially a modern one) can’t be sustainable & healthy for a whole lifetime.

Large fractions of the world’s population don’t eat diary products at all (like said before, lactose tolerance is rather the exception than the rule, globally), and others don’t have access to meat/fish, at least regularly, can’t keep certain animals or what not - do you consider all that unhealthy?

How do you identify individual disks in larger arrays?
Today the disks for my new ZFS NAS arrived, rejoice! 😍 Now I ask myself: If some day one of the drives fails, how am I supposed know which of the physical ones it is? My preliminary plan is to plug them into to disk container one by one, writing down the newly appearing blkids and labeling the corresponding drive. This is somewhat time consuming, so you folks have a better idea? Cheers!

Backing up (kind of) large amounts of data
Among other things, I'm running a small Nextcloud instance on my home server and over time, data somewhat piles up (especially photos). My main storage is sufficiently sized & redundant for now, but I wonder how I am supposed to do a serious backup: The moment will come where the backup's size will exceed any reasonly prized single drive. What then? Of course I can just buy another disk and distribute the chunks, but that's manual work - or is it not? At least `rsync` has no builtin option for that. Using a virtual, larger file system spanning among multiple drives looks like the easiest option, but I doubt it's a good idea for a reliable backup - if one disk fails, all of the backup is gone. On the other hand: That's true for the distributed chunks as well. What do you people do? Right now I don't have to bother as my data fits on a single device easily, but I wonder what in theory & practice is the best solution. Regards!