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Another interesting change is in the bookmarks toolbar as the default “Only show on New Tab” state has been improved to also work correctly for blank new tabs.

Neat. I had to use the about:newtab page, customized to be empty, to use this feature, which always seemed like a waste of CPU cycles.

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And Web MIDI could be interesting. It seems to just pass the MIDI interface to webpages: https://developer.mozilla.org/docs/Web/API/Web_MIDI_API

So, that means web-based audio production software, like for example BassoonTracker, could receive input from MIDI keyboards and the like.

Not sure, it’s going to be viable for professional use, though. Audio stream routing+mixing seems to be quite complex, even outside of a browser.

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It’s been usable in the Chrome family of browsers for a while. I wouldn’t want to do any production work this way, but imagine e.g. using a midi controller to interact with some other piece of equipment, connected through a browser. That’s kinda neat in my opinion.

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