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On today’s episode of “All My Trivial Enjoyments Are Killing Me”

I’m really dubious on the vinegar thing. Your stomach is naturally way more acidic than vinegar, so I don’t see how vinegar can cause harm. And it’s not like Japanese food involves taking shots of the stuff before each meal. If you’re referring to vinegar in rice, it is a very small amount all things considered.

Homophobia is not allowed, in jest or otherwise.

See: the covid-19 food market crash where farmers poured bleach on meat and vegetables, burned grains, and poured milk into sewers because they didn’t want to sell at a low price, and hoped that by artificially limiting supply, the price will go back up.

This is the same strategy that DeBeers diamonds or oil cartels use. But because food is perishable and can’t be hoarded like oil and diamonds, they “had” to destroy it.

Ah yes. The halting problem of English.

Actually, are languages Turing complete? I feel like they’re complex and interactive enough to be. Searching it up only gave results about programming languages, not human languages.

Just make it open source and self-hostable. Then you don’t have to waste server time for people requesting sus pictures of amogus!

Russia didn’t pass a law saying than anyone could kill Ukrainians with hunting rifles.

Russia didn’t pass a law preventing their own citizens from receiving humanitarian aid from Ukraine.

Russia didn’t pass a law saying that any surrender to Ukraine is punishable by death.

I wonder who did.

Which is ironic because I remember one major thing back in 2012 was that while the LEDs were more expensive, they pay for themselves first because you spend less on electricity and also air conditioning due to less waste heat, but also because you’d go through more incandescent and CFLs before you have to replace an LED bulb.

Have LED bulbs been getting worse?
Around 2012, our family got a few LED light bulbs partly because I was intrigued by them. They were still pretty expensive at the time, but we got three to put in the most used fixtures. Fast forward to last year, now that LED bulbs are everywhere, and we finally did a huge overhaul of our lights, replacing all the CFLs that were showing signs of being about to die, with LEDs. The old ones from 2012 still work fine to this day, keep in mind they were in the most commonly used lamps in our home and got more than their fair share of being turned on and off in rapid succession, left on for long periods, and general abuse you'd expect in a house with a lot of people in it, but they still work perfectly. BUT, we've replaced like five or six of the NEW ones over the last year and a half they've been in use! The failure mode is almost always that they would start flickering, and because we prefer not to live in a disco studio, we'd have to get them replaced ASAP. We've even had one of the replacements fail in less than a year! And it's not like we got them from the dollar store, we got the middle shelf ones at the hardware store, and while they were cheaper than the original ones from 2012, but they weren't *that* cheap. What the hell is going on? You'd think over the last ten years, they would have gotten better as the technology matured, but it seems to me that they've gotten much worse. The second biggest selling point of LEDs after efficiency was that they last way longer than any other type of light, but the new ones we've gotten don't even last as long as an incandescent anymore!

Also, the corset in the community pic. Dead giveaway. No one who respects women and want to engage in informative discussions with them is using that as the icon, as their first choice, for their community.

Lemmy.ml is not the main instance. There is no main instance. That’s the point of the fediverse.

Related: In the West, body modifications like tattoos and piercings make you less likely to get through job interviews and are generally seen as very unprofessional. This is because they are associated with, one, indigenous people and people of colour, and two, poor people.

In contrast, other body modifications like nose jobs, facelifts, fillers, botox, etc are done mostly by rich white people, so they are seen favourably.

When you think of systematic racism, you need to be thinking of the subtle stuff *as well as* the more brazen stuff like restaurants banning non-whites from entering or people of colour getting longer prison sentences for the same crime. Actually, the subtle stuff is insidious, because people don't think it's racism. Reminds me of Google classifying black people as gorillas in their photo app. People were saying "oh well it's just a limitation of the technology, it was just an accident" no! That's now how AI works! What happened was they didn't consider black people/indigenous people/etc worthy enough to put enough of them in the training data. That's not better than them intentionally doing it! inb4 "the technology is still immature/in beta, they'll get better at identifying people of colour in the future!" That's not how that works either! You have a responsibility to be inclusive to the best of your ability from day one! If you're not doing that, not exaggerating, you're better off not making the product at all. And it's not like a giant tech company didn't have the resources to make it inclusive. These aren't pretend arguments I'm making up either. People genuinely say those things and think they're valid excuses for this.

If there’s no way to prevent a horrible side effect, then it’s just as bad as if that effect was intentional.

the cause of poverty is not this, but the so-called neoliberalism that completely distorted this original idea due to the corruption, greed and selfishness of an elite, which enriches itself by cost and the work of the population. It is the continuation of feudalism.

That’s… the result of capitalism.

I love to use the methanol example to illustrate this: Methanol by itself isn’t that toxic, no more toxic than regular ethanol. But once metabolized in your body, it becomes formaldehyde and formic acid, and about 5-10 ml of pure methanol can turn into enough of those to kill you. So the methanol molecule itself is fairly benign, but you still shouldn’t drink it.

Bees: everything in the center but also honey.

New tech or not, I’ll believe it when I see it in widespread use. 101 times bitten by battery grifts, 102nd time shy.

Meat industry that wants flesh produced as efficiently as possible. It’s the same reason we’re so good at mass semen extraction and artificial insemination of animals. That’s not a joke, the tech for that is way more advanced than it deserves to be.

“Stolen our designs”

That you don’t even have lol. You even admitted that the Western competitors are still scrambling to bring products to market.

Thread: https://social.rebellion.global/@ScientistRebellion/108969031862762356