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Doesn’t necessarily need more than one data plan. Just set one phone as a hotspot and connect all the other ones via Wi-Fi.

Why this was an issue that needed to be ruled on is beyond me. I bought the whole damn device, I deserve to use the whole damn device.

Here’s an alternative repo on GitLab: https://gitlab.com/89luca89/distrobox/

I wish they maintained a third mirror on a self-hosted repo or a Gitea instance tho

IIRC, it won’t give apps access to the standard tracking ID and APIs.

US and New Zealand apparently

Reminder that Bayer said that Heroin is “nonadditive” and “suitable for children.”

In 2020, I found out that my normal level of human interaction is called “social distancing”.

Apparently there’s a serious theory that it’s a front for money laundering.

To be fair, a lot of people seem to be asking for this.

Better than Colorways at least

I still feel like this is worth noting. It’s no secret that a small group of lead editors write most of Wikipedia, and those names haven’t changed much, and from what I can gather, neither have their propensity to reject factual edits they don’t like.

I don’t actually hate all Cryptos. Some, like the Chinese Digital Yuan, are pretty good. I absolutely hate NFTs though, and any crypto that was pretty clearly made to be invested, not practixally used. Which is why I said casinos.