Which FOSS licence would you suggest me?

I’m rebuilding an app that I made few years ago to make it open-source and free from big company dependencies (for example replacing Firebase with Appwrite)… Now, since it’s already live on Codeberg, I think it would be good to give it a license but I’m super new to FOSS licenses and so I don’t kn…

What software/library to use to write a bot that snipes a PS5 as soon as it is available for preorder?

I have tried to use fast fingers to preorder a PS5 as soon as it restocks and have failed. Now I want to turn to the dark side. …

Great talk about the status of Open Source. It starts off by talking about a developer leaving an open source project…

IceWM, release of version 2.9.5

IceWM is available on popular Linux distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, OpenSUSE, Gentoo, Slackware, CentOS, antiX, NixOS, and also compiles on most *BSDs…

OnlyOffice Document server 7.0 released

The Desktop editors where also updated. …

FFmpeg 5.0 release

…this FFmpeg 5.0 release is important, because I hope that this release will start a new scheduling of FFmpeg releases. …

Just found I an artist that seems to do society critical dance and arts. I one of her videos she makes a kind of sexual satir about how the modern society creates instagram celeberties. …

Let’s have a closer look at main events of 2021 and what’s coming for us in 2022. Obligatory disclaimer: I only talk about projects that I track more or less closely. There are many more great projects out there, and I’d love to hear your thoughts about those!..

What are the FOSS alternatives to google translate that you use?

Is there any cool project that uses GPT3 or other AIs?..

What's cooking on SourceHut? January 2022

New update on sourcehut! …

Support calls are important and often satisfying in the end, but the act of clear communication can be arduous for everyone involved. If you’ve ever been on a support call, you’ve probably spent several minutes spelling out even the shortest commands and explaining in detail where the spaces and ret…

Distraction free operating system

Are there any operating system designed to be as distraction free as possible? … | Send push notifications to your phone or desktop via PUT/POST

I found this a few days ago, and use it as alternative to #gotify(up) for notifications on my phone. …

Mobile survey app and cloud sync for Qgis projects

Super useful for field projects…

All about open source! Feel free to ask questions, and share news, and interesting stuff!

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