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Well tbh that just describes almost every group of people, most people don’t know fuck all about anything and want things to “just work.” That is why Apple products are so popular (in addition of course to their advertising team successfully making iPods and iPhones a “status symbol.”)

Tbh I think as these things go on they make people less tech proficient, most kids these days only know how to stream and torrenting things is “too hard” for them.

I for one happen to like gaming on Linux, because it means I don’t have to use windows just because I want to play morrowind, I can just load up openmw and start casting spells. Furthermore just because gaming is possible on linux now does not mean anyone will necessarily switch to it without another reason to if they are technoligically challenged, many see linux as too hard anyway, or just want the plug and wait, er…I mean plug and “play,” that windows supposedly gives them. FurtherFurthermore, with the ability to customize Linux to your hearts content and a multitude of good distros from which to choose, the caliber of users should minimally effect you, if at all.

ATM I only use RSS for podcasts with AntennaPod, what am I missing out on?

Not off the top of my head, I’d search “izzyondroid fdroid repo” to find it myself lol.

He’s also wrong. In many “civilized” (which btw every time I say that I feel icky, it feels racist) countries most burglaries are “hot” burglaries, in which the burgaler breaks in while the person is home. This of course carries with it a greater risk of violence as opposed to America where for “some reason” most of our burglaries are when the person is not home. There are also around, and I am going to use the LOWEST estimate from the harvard study that is used to “debunk” defensive gun use, 100,000 defensive gun uses in the country yearly. Compared to 60k gun deaths, 12k of those being homicide, 100k>60k>12k.

It’s on mine. Maybe in izzy’s repo? I have a few enabled.

That jackass used Tor and connected to his campus wifi on his laptop with his creds, started up Tor, and made the bomb threat. He was caught because he didn’t use a bridge and connected to Tor over their wifi with his credentials and he was the only one using Tor at the time. Had he went to some public wifi off camera he likely wouldn’t have been caught actually, or used a bridge, supposedly that would help. Also of course it doesn’t need to be said but I’m gonna: shouldn’t be calling in bomb threats anyway lol.

I’ve been using Librewolf on Fedora, Bromite and Vanadium on mobile, and DDG for search but not super happy with that one and am looking for a replacement myself. Might use startpage, idk.

Is there something you’d rather I do while I take a hot steamy shit? No? Then quit your complaining, probable bot, Lemmy it is.

And people are also allowed to

•call you a prick, especially since they’re right.

•be condescending like you are

•be rude back or make posts talking about it.

So it seems we are at an impasse. I will report you for dishing it out but not being able to take it. I didn’t make shit, I found this post, and found it hilarious, so I commented my related information. Hardly “payback action” lmao. Is it “payback action” to report on something someone said? Maybe don’t say it then and then nobody will say you did.

And it sure looks like OP was banned for having the audacity to speak against “Chef Cock” or “Ed Koch” or whatever your name is.

WOAH WOAH WOAH, people are allowed to ask questions in linux if you like it or not now?! This is a stark difference from you being mad I asked a question in linux last week, during which I informed you that other people get to use the internet despite your protests, glad to see I got through to you! Lmao I’m loving this tbh.

This is already the second one I’ve seen (someone linked the one you made 2mo ago lol), and like 5d ago I got into it with him on the linux sub because I asked the sub advice on what distro would fit my needs and that was just too much for him to handle without being condescending. Instead of making a post like y’all though I just ripped into him because it was hilarious and fun to me and because I am way better at it then him but I only use my powers for good lmao.

Can you download the app on a nondegoogled phone through play and take the apk from that phone? Does it work that way?

It looks like a level from a tennis video game circa 2004.

For sure, that was always the worst part, thinking “what am I going to do if it doesn’t work, then I have nothing but a phone” well problem solved! Haha.

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Actually due to my religion I have a devine excuse of fallability through “Bob” but that is neither here nor there. What is here and there is you being a jerk to new people to feel superior because they made a post on your precious sublemmy. Hope it works because that is the only way you will lol.

Btw if you want a sublemmy that doesn’t allow questions, start one called advancedlinux or some shit and be a mod, then you can control it. Or start one called like “linuxnoobs” where all questions should be directed. Idk if lemmy has an automod but if so it can reply to threads like this with the link. Just complaining that I asked for advice instead of trial and error through countless distros is pretty lame my dude, if it really is THIS important that you need to fight a guy over it, fucking do something then, be the change you want to see in this world not just some negative nancy lamenting about this or that post.

Edit: Nothing? Figures. Miss you boo <3. Thanks for the lesson on how NOT to treat people asking for advice when I learn enough to be in your shoes, though. Instead of being an insufferable prick I will offer a few distros that should suit their needs but also calmly and respectfully explain that some trial and error may be necessary to get it working right, and inform them of what forums and whatnot I used to help learn along the way. You wanna talk about something I know more than you about so you can see how it feels? Guarantee I know more about music, classic cinema, and firearms than you do 100%, out of that list which do you know the least about so I can be a dick like you and treat you like you’re less than I am for no good reason (as opposed to the good reason I already have to be a dick back to you.)

Awesome thanks! Yeah I definitely want to learn to use the CLI (did I use that right? Lol) it seems very handy after you know what you’re doing! The only time I have used it as of yet was to give myself admin permissions to change my password on tails lol.

That is what I’m told, at least it doesn’t “easily” that is, I’m sure theres a way to force it to but with tails (and hopefully anything gnome) it works out of the proverbial box.

If I look up “how to use a wrench” on youtube I get tutorials, they probably, now, I have not confirmed this, but they probably don’t say “The first step in how to use a wrench is to figure it the fuck out yourself.” I could test that theory but I think we both know I am right. This also is more analagous to needing to do plumbing but not knowing what a crescent wrench is called, I am asking “what tool will do the job I need,” not “how do you use linux.” Nobody is “doing the job for me” they are saying “you’re gonna want a crescent wrench (gnome) probably X size (fedora) but it might be other sizes so measure (live boot and function test).” This IS doing research, asking people who know what their talking about is a viable method of learning, deal with it. That is EXACTLY how a community is supposed to work, people helping people, you don’t want a community, you want a bulletin board you can post articles on, there is enough internet for the both of us man. I insult you, albeit much more harshly, because you did it to me by being condescending (you really should look that word up ya know. And I can do it too!) And I refuse to accept it because you don’t know how to communicate without being condescending and therefore you get my response to condescension. Again, compare my response to you to my response to EVERYONE else here, why are you the only one I treat this way? Is it possibly because they weren’t assholes? Yes. Maybe rethink YOUR gatekeeping, I won’t think about you at all after this lol. Again, yea, I am meaner than you when it is summoned up from the depths by comdescending chants, sorry you started shit you weren’t ready for but that is hardly my fault. Oh wait yes it is of course because I made the post you want to complain about so I’m sure that is why you blame me instead of having scrolled right on by and avoided this whole mess. You did this to yourself.

“I was rude first but you are being rude now and I am sad about it.” I do not care. Your “valid input” is that you like a color that is lame anyway. Thanks for that valuable advice.

Yes you did power user, I am using that hyperbole to further make fun of you. Oh shit he said it again hahaha. You got your powerglove on my guy? Such cool. But no, “people like you” should absolutely not try to “help” people, leave that to those who can do so without snobbery like everyone else in this thread. You btw have singlehandedly cemented my will to post any inane question I have here going foward BEFORE I google or ask anyone else just because I know it gets your goat. Your VM suggestion was dumb anyway because one of the helpful people already mentioned you can live boot it and I would rather do that.

I fail to see how having little time to dick around trying thirty distros precludes me from having limited experience with linux so far, seemingly those two things could even be correlated one might say. I will indeed be using the feedback the OTHERS gave me, as you have given me none besides that arch forum to check out but since that was what a half hour ago, sorry I haven’t gotten around to that your highness. But unfortunately even the rest of the advice was given not even a full 24hr ago, why you rushing me? Why are you so invested in this? Are things going ok at home?

Oh no you WISH I’d block you but instead (after a few hours of being offline, forgive me, again, life) I will continue to respond as you do. You can however not respond to this and I won’t hunt you down, you don’t even need to block me.

Or you know “hey I’m sorry I was being condescending originally, I am a super cool xXpower userXx and sometimes I forget how it feels to be starting out with linux especially with the toxic community that acts exactly like I do. We got off on the wrong foot, but heres some resources you can use to further your foray into linux.”

No? Wishful thinking I guess.

Thanks, the second useful thing you’ve said so far, I’ll check it out! But to answer your question, with the comments you unnecessarily made to complain about people asking questions.

Sure bud whatever you have to tell yourself. Need some ointment for your butthurt because “someone made a post you don’t like?” Ask an adult to pop that safety cap on it for ya. Btw it isn’t due to my competence or lack thereof which has you being insulted, it’s the fact that you are a dick and now I’m having fun at your expense.

Well, helped me more than you have so far, so deal with it. I’m dubious if your claim though being that they all seemed to offer better advice on terms, what DEs are more likely to fit my needs than others, what DEs even are, the fact that you can live boot Fedora (which you can’t easily do with mint though supposedly it can be done), I learned a lot. YOU may not have because you’re a mega 1337 haXXor, Crash Override, but for someone who is figuratively day one (maybe day two) into this shit it was indeed helpful.

You can express your opinion without being rude, which again, you were, by being condescending, dismissive and sardonic. Do you know what those words mean?

My intolerance is for condescending pricks dude, your opinion is worthless if it comes at the price of having to deal with your “I’m better than you” attitude, get off your high horse dude, though you’ll probably need a ladder way up there.

I did get that, but with some it seems to work “out of the box” like tails and supposedly fedora, whereas some require MORE EXPERIENCE which is the exact thing I do not have, so again I fall back to the reccomendations you are mad I got.

Again, I told you I am better at being rude when instigated, which you did, because again, being a condescending prick IS rude, which you did. Also I’m damn proud of that line lol, you know it was funny. “I’m a power user, look ma, I’m so badass with linux!” Lol.

Again with this “report back” shit. First of all, to the post you say I shouldn’t have made? You just BURNING to know if touch worked off dick in fedora for me? Well second of all you’ll have to wait until I actually can get around to DOING it before I can report back because I had shit to do today and work for the rest of the week, again not everyone can sit around hacking into Ellingson Mineral Company supercomputers all day, some people have to leave their parent’s house sometimes Cereal Killer.

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You’ve never once asked a question on a forum? Yeah I believe that, sure lol.

“Oooohhhh society, muh linux sublemmy!” Cry harder lol, is this really worth removed (insert explitive for complaining) about? I’m gonna make sure to ask ALL my questions here just to spite you.

True, and I appreciate THEIR help in narrowing down the first one I will try.

You were indeed rude, whether or not you see that is irrelevant. I was ruder, because I am better at it when instigated. You were insanely condescending and dismissive, as well as sardonic, that is rude even if you lack the social skills to tell. Idgaf about your answer, it would have been better had your “blue” ass not posted at all frankly.

“Report back” to what? The post you are saying I shouldn’t have made? The guy saying “fedora will probably support touch with GNOME especially since you said it works on tails” definitely helped me whether you want that to be true or not, sorry guy. Before the other guy told me what DEs were I didn’t know they existed (though I had heard the word GNOME in the context of linux before) so I learned a lot despite your protests.

Power use your own butthole, I don’t care about you, and the internet isn’t your personal thing, other people get to use it too, sorry.

See, THAT is useful, thank you.

Hey, then maybe they should post, with specifics about what they need to run, and see if anyone has advice regarding similar hardware. You suggested I “search” and presumably find a thread and see “oh hey mint works” and not learn why and how I coukd fix my own to make it work, and then you’ve used it here as some sort of “gotcha.” So should I ask for specific advice or should I search and see what worked for others? Which piece of your directly contradicting advice should I follow? And seems so, because nobody asked you to be rude which prompted my rude response. I believe you’ll find I got along fine with everyone BUT you in this thread, so I’m gonna go with my theory of I was abusing you because you were a dick and deserved it. We can be cool if you wanna be cool though but I see the snarky unnecessary bullshit continues so far.

Thanks for the heads up!

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My bad dude, didn’t mean to offend. Got an i5 with 4gb ram, don’t know if can VM, iirc you need ok hardware to reliably run, but again, don’t know. Would like input from people who know shit, for instance I asked a friend and that is how I knew Mint didn’t support touch, instead of “try mint, no touch, try manjaro, no touch, try arch, no touch, hey fedora got it.” Sue me. At least I can cut out “No’s” easier even if I must take up space in your precious eyes with my questions. Fuck “your good will,” you have none, these other people were nice, don’t speak of what you have not exhibited. Spare me your tears, go on hxclinuxforum if you need hxclinuxusers, this is lemmy my guy, cool your jets, restrict posts if you don’t want questions. “Down vote” oh no pwees sir, don’t downvote me owo. Idgaf my guy, thankfully other people helped and you were ununnecessary. “Tell me what I like” fuck off dude, you may have the time and resources to dick around with this shit all day but some of us have jobs and lives, and recognize the benefit of experienced advice. Also it’s all about green or purple you fucking pleb.

Edit: and while I’m on this, you say “stop with the which one is best” reread my post my dude, did I ONCE ask which linux is best linux, or did I ask for reccomendations on what would be good for beginners concerned with privacy to use as a daily driver with touch screen support? Distros can certainly be classified, nobody would have said tails or kali or arch here, for instance, because they for various reasons do not lend themselves well either as “daily drivers” or “for beginners” (at least I am under the impression arch is for experienced users but guess what, I don’t know for sure, and THAT is exactly why I’m here.) You are what keeps beginners out of linux my guy, keep your tears to yourself.

Hell yeah! I’m sure I can run it fine then! And on a hunch I just called my mom to see if she held on to her old laptop from a few years later and she did, so looks like I have a backup instead of fiddling with live boot beyond function checks! She has her work pc she uses so she doesn’t need it! Love it when a plan comes together lol, I will be trying Fedora as soon as my 2 weeks seeding these last few torrents are over!

OH you can live boot fedora?! With persistent memory? That is the ticket for trials then for sure! I only use the touch minimally so I could conceivably lose it, but it has gotten me out of jams where my mouse was shitting out, though who knows, that may be an issue with windows and I won’t need it! No clue as to RAM without booting up and going to system specs but this here little sticker says “intel inside core i5” so maybe? To give a more accurate picture of time and therefore possibly it’s components, usb 3.0 was still fairly new and it boasted it had one port for it! Haha.

I don’t even know what AUR is so I will be fine! Haha, I’m sure I will pick it up faster than I think myself, these acronyms and terminal and everything are just daunting. But I am into another hobby that I similarly knew nothing about until I commited myself to learning and now am far from an expert but far from a layman as well, with similarly daunting acronyms and varying platforms and such, so I know I can do it! I don’t game or do anything crazy, the only game I will be sad to lose is flOw by Jenovah Chen lmao, I still have the old windows version from when it was free! May see if I can use whatever wine is to run it.

I assume it is easy to look all that up being that Fedora seems to have a large community, so I assume it won’t be that hard, and I’d like to learn how to do all that “-sudo install aircrack” shit anyway lol (I know it is wrong, I said learn haha). Sounds like that will be the winner here! I think I’ll use it to get familliar and then maybe check out whonix for the overkill privacy/security (hell I use GrapheneOS so overkill seems to be right up my alley). I assume I can set up mac spoofing and anything else I may need on any distro with a bit of research, tails has it so fedora surely can too. Thanks for your help!

Good to know, I suppose I may start with Fedora (or maybe something else if you or anyone here have a reccomendation), and possibly consider Whonix when I have more experience and/or hardware it’ll run on.

I typically rely on FOSS projects myself as I am poor as hell lol. I do use Veracrypt, that may be my only one. I could switch to LUKS but I don’t know if they support hidden containers like VC and I don’t believe they do. Might keep one VC for windows compatability and switch the other to LUKS. I definitely expect a bit of learning involved, I more meant I don’t want to try 5 different distros before nailing down a good one, maybe 2 max. That and hopefully it won’t shit the bed so hard that I can only use my phone for a time to try and fix it haha.

Might go with the dual booting, that is a good idea.

And thanks for the heads up, in any case whatever I go with I will 100% be looking up “how to install X” and watching a tutorial haha, I know most will be “use etcher or rufus and slap that hoe in” but still I like to be prepared.

Thanks for the info, I guess I know I can run Gnome since that same laptop will run tails, so that is good. It is less about reviving old hardware (windows still works on whatever version I’m on and I’m getting updates and whatnot), it is more about getting away from windows entirely. I degoogled my phone for the same reasons, it only stands to reason that I need to do it there too, hence my desire to use Whonix if it’ll be a good fit for a new guy. I know I can’t run qubes but might be able to run Whonix if it isn’t too intensive to do so. Also taking other reccomendations for distros I am unaware of that would be secure and private (or have tutorials on how to make them that way) and frankly any “daily driver” os should be able to handle all my other uses with ease I’d imagine.

Want to switch to linux
Need reccomendations for distro. Old laptop from like '10 (shipped with windows 8, not even 8.1), touchscreen needed so no Mint unfortunately. No linux experience whatsoever beyond using tails and I know what the terminal is but have NO clue how to use it. Need a daily driver for light tasks (just gimp, handbrake, internet, qbittorrent, and libreoffice type stuff, no games), would prefer security and privacy, but idk if Whonix can run on my old machine and with my nonexistent linux exp idk if it is a good one for me yet, may need exp with something else first? Idk, y'all tell me! Was reccomended Fedora, has touch support and supposedly good for the light tasks and will run in my old laptop, but figured I'd ask what y'all think because you guys seem knowledgeable. It is my only computer besides my phone so I can't afford the time to fuck around lol.

For android, look into degoogling as well with things like GrapheneOS or LineageOS. Graphene has a lemmy board I just joined (made my account here 5 min ago lol) and they have a very active official matrix room.