Is it really even possible to create a 'successful ' lemmy instance?
Ok , here we go. I like lemmy a lot. Mastodon and all the others are too complicated with too many dam options for threads. Not to mention I hate the Twitter layout. Like look, I want lemmy to have more users. The lack of engagement here is just beyond sad. I've seen a lot of lemmy instances with like 1 user a month. Seriously? What the fuck? I'm entertaining a thought to create a lemmy instance, but is there even a point? Should i even bother? I feel like the issue with these reddit alternatives, is the LACK of content and users. What do you think?

How, or CAN you, connect your mastodon instances to lemmy?
So I'm on a few but I can't add ? Why? Can you help me please ?

How to install Lemmy (the modern way)?
The last time I've installed a CMS or any other web application, it was a time where you did it by hand, but it looks like nowadays this isn't the common way and the developers of Lemmy even don't recommend to do it (on the page above). But what is the recommended or even the modern way? Should I start to learn docker or ansible? And will it still work with other application from docker or ansible?

What are you glad you did before you died?
"debated more NATO shills/tankies on Lemmy" probably won't be on that list

How to Block a Community?
Hi. As I am new on Lemmy I wonder, how I can block communities where I am not are interested in. At the moment, I switch to my user menue, switch to Preferences and to Blockings. There I enter the name of the respective community. But I assume there could be a shorter way for blocking a community directly from my timeline, if I do not want to have its posts in my timeline. Is there such a button vice versa to the Follow/Subscribe button or is it not?

What other fediverses are there that are like lemmy?
On my 5th reddit ban and not going back. I like lemmy but there is no content or other ppl to interact with. I'm also on scored communities but I'm noticing the are deleting posts, and doesn't have much users. Idk what to do :( This is frustrating. Can anyone recommend anything? I'd like to be able yo join communities similar to, ask reddit, does anyone else, am I the asshole, relationship advice, askouija, ask men, tdifu, Huh... I'll see 6 years in the future when someone replies :(

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