Hello, before I started use lemmy, here are some questions.

I was in Fediverse a while before. And I felt sick for its political extremism and harassment base on political views and wars between lefts VS rights (And both of them start to centrists). …

Have you ever pooped outside?

Why did you do it? Or why haven’t you? …

What is the appropriate community on Lemmy to post political videos?

I’d like to post a friend’s political videos on Lemmy but I’m unsure where would be the appropriate community and I don’t want to haphazardly post it in the videos section. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thank you…

Men who wear briefs why? And what do your girlfriends say about it?

Whighty tighties, bikini briefs, what ever under wear that is less than boxer briefs, why don’t you wear boxers and if you are straight, what does your partner say about it? …

What are your thoughts on deepfakes?

I am worried about the criminal malice of deep fakes. I’m not worried about deep fakes being difficult to identify (thought that is a possibility), since context is important; rather I am worried about the response to malicious use of deepfakes by governments. …

What does your profile image represent? Why did you choose it?

What’s the story behind your profile pic? My represent Sosuke, from Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. Is my favorite anime film…

Asking if other users are facing similar issues? it seems domains registered on freenom (.ml/.tk) are not being resolved with Google DNS. It works fine on other DNS (Cloudflare/Quad9/etc) …

Can anyone tell me what the heck web3 actually is?

I mean specifically, what criteria does a webpage have to fulfill for it to be considered web3 compliant? …

Anyone know any good lemmy client ?

Anybody know a good lemmy client (app) i can use on my phone. I tried lemmur didn’t go well. I was hoping you guys might know a good app…

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