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I don’t look at it, but I heard a story on NPR yesterday talking about the #booktok tag, so I guess it’s not all bad? Getting people to read more, and some books released years ago are popping back up on top of the NYT best seller list because of it.

I would certainly hope you would learn enough about the angle grinder to understand that the spinning disc is meant to grind material out or or cut through metal before before you turn it on and start swinging it around, or that the hammer isn’t meant to be used on your leg. Linus saw a bunch of packages listed and just applied a tool without understand what that tool was going to do to his computer.

My big issue overall with him saying he just wants things “to work”, and to an extent, with what he demonstrated by not reading WTF was going to happen when he typed that murderous phrase in, is that most people don’t know what the hell they’re doing with their computers. They install so much garbage, more and more OS security has to be designed to protect users from themselves. Uninstall a bunch of “things” that I have no idea what they are? Sure, I hate my foot and want to blow it completely off my leg!

How long until we get to Idiocracy style computers where we just get some Fisher Price toy style buttons to smash for most people to use their PC? We’re wandering deeper and deeper into an information driven age of humanity and the complete ignorance of most people who demand to use their expensive equipment to do their banking, manage their budgets, pay their home loans… it all just makes me shiver. Learn how your computer is actually working!

I’ve nuked myself in Linux a couple of times, as well as in Windows (NTLDR? I don’t need that!) It was always my fault, though, not the OS.

I had been looking forward to the Linux challenge videos, but after that video I unsubbed and blocked any channel related to LTT. I honestly feel like he did that on purpose and played it up to try to make a point. If you point a loaded gun at your foot, turn off the safety, and pull the trigger, YOU CAN HURT YOURSELF!!.. Yeah, that’s disingenuous BS, at best.

They aren’t going to bother trying to get the 2fa code until they already have your password, and by then, it’s already too late.

Like this kid, did a SIM swap attack and hijacked 2fa codes.


Trying click through to this post from Mastodon, via the time stamp. It’s linking to https://lemmy.ml/comment/92504 (which 404’s) instead of https://lemmy.ml/post/89740/comment/92504 (working)

The post I’m replying to right here is showing up as a root post on Mastodon, I think because I followed /c/announcements?

Edit: Ah, I see it reported earlier in this thread now.

I use it to hopefully signal to the algorithm that is carefully updating my google data profile that I don’t want to see more of that kind of video.