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The Department of Defense, The NSA is under the Department of Defense

But if you do 47.1 seconds and 17 Planck lengths, you will get the most pethetic look demanding more pets.

because as a phrase there is nothing inherently wrong with it. there is no difference with “Buzz off”. We are adults here, the reall question is why do libs get so offended by a phrase that is used hundreds of times a day around the world.

If I may interject as a person who is not a programmer, and who is not an “Idealist” in online federation. I think that the biggest harm with the centralization of the internet is that similar account types cannot communicate. Think about the headache that would be had if to send an email, the domain name had to be the same. While I would not say it is a “sin” to have a facebook, I don’t think making something federated adds any downsides.

If you want to live in your own instance, atleast with lemmy, you can just never leave the local tab, it is a choice to venture into the all, but that is a choice that is willing to be made. I personally like this and think it is a fair compromise. It also keeps the power from falling into just one entities hands, but other than that, going into all.

as for Lemmygrad pushing to de-federate, dieing out, or pushing for lemmy or other instinces to purge users, I have not seen that, the closest I have seen is a “this is why purges are necessary” and that is a comment ment for the in group, as lemmy.ml mentions they are a leftist website.

This whole thing is new, and social media like reddit, twitter and facebook is old relitivly, it will take time to get numbers to grow, but I genuinly don’t thing federation is the thing that is going to break the growth.

also I think the term you are thinking of is “group think” or “echo chamber” and not cult, but I could be wrong so please correct me.

either way, that is my 2 cents.

I would leave more often, but I am still trying to get the hang of this fediverse thing, and I am having a little bit of trouble trying to understand how if someone links a Lemmy.ml post to get that while logged into lemmygrad, That has been my biggest hurdle so far.