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Yes, but in that case you don’t really require much of an encryption

Amateur radio doesn’t really exist for the purpose of personal communications anymore. It’s just an art/hobby/fun times at this point.

Source: am licensed

Yeah, that’s my take on it. It’s too dumb to be done out of ignorance.

There’s a rumour that it was the youtube lib hbomberguy who made Gargron call the posts “toots” in exchange for some donations

It’s a way to placate the “hehe toots” trolls while still getting them on the fediverse

The problem is exacerbated by the new language and The Discourse from terminally online literal children on the fediverse

Some of this backlash might definitely be just artists/developers afraid of competition. But it’d be interesting to see how the space develops.

The issue with AI art (and especially with AI code as well) is that it’s just spicy plagiarism. The AI just looks through millions of works of art (or trillions of lines of code) and spits out something based on that. There’ve been cases of GitHub Copilot spitting out someone else’s code verbatim. Fuck RIAA, fuck the copyright, but it’s not a clear cut case.

I think the tech corps will win after all. RIAA is pretty much a legacy org

I think even Markiplier showed that if you clear cookies and shit and just keep clicking recommended you’re eventually gonna end up on Holocaust denial

I mean, even without the payment aspect you probably would need some telemetry at least. And running it over the internet is cheap. One of the often touted advantages of 5G is that you could use the public 5G infrastructure as some sort of a big ass VPN.

I self host my Mastodon instance but from what I’ve heard you need to check whether the instance owner’s values and rules are somewhat compatible with yours

These apps always seemed so fucking vapid and empty for me

Well, not just stairs but also other weird crevices nooks and crannies. Also a normal vac will have mighty more suction. But yeah, I seldomly break out the big guy.

“Received a text from your ex, roll for initiative”