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For a small group of people definitely worth the effort of setting up your own. Treat it as a learning experience if mistakes are made.

Re: Eugen is literally selling out Fediverse users to data collection agencies on a very quick squiz on the librenet site I saw a lot of busywork but didn’t see anything relating to this other than some $ received for maintaining accounts. Oh there was a thing about the subscribe form going to mailchimp. [?]. Somebody feel free to correct me.

It’s telling that their first-leading-point is about how a - *GitHub issue that I (Sierra) filed relating to the Mastodon iOS App regarding the lack of ability to see the local timeline *- was handled, rather than the allegedy/literally privacy crime posted above.

This feels on the level of a bunch of ME3 players getting butthurt over the ending, but as I don’t know anything about the parties involved I leave it at that.

That is how it has been to date e.g join the .art instance to hang out with art people etc but could be part of a push in a new direction

Good to see they can react and make changes quickly with covid still doing the rounds -Happy to have the two austrian fixtures they provided a couple of good races

Romain Grosjean scored his first pole and came second for the first time in years since starting in IndyCar. Must be a great feeling to be in contention after a few seasons in the hass...

Won’t be able to watch but keen to see if Checo and Bottas make more of a race of it.

I don't have a problem with the current weekend format but ok with seeing new approaches being trialled - any thoughts?

“I haven’t seen George yet – he didn’t come [to see me]. I keep teasing him, I said if he does a good job he can be in a Mercedes, if not we’re doing the Renault Clio Cup and today we’re more close to the Renault Clio Cup.” Unhappy Toto face.

Wet weather craziness… good the drivers are all ok. Red bull are looking good for points from here.

Its great to see two RBs in the top 3, with Bottas down the way - who always seems to struggle when being back in the pack. Checos tyre management + RBs speed in the pits is going put hamilton under pressure - in a refreshing way - if there are no on track incidents.

Apart from the race at the front will be interested to see if Mazepin can complete his first full lap - what tsunoda can do from the back of the grid and if Norris / Sainz / Bottas can make up for the issues in quali.

Definitely deserving of the seat - Looking forward to the race

I’m not sure I agree with success = massive engaging community. One metric of success is if users engage and stick around… @nutomic posted a relevant point in another thread

For corporate social media it is definitely a competition, but I dont think it makes sense to see the fediverse in the same way. We dont make more money from having more users, in fact having more users results in higher hosting cost and more moderation effort. Maybe there will be more donations, but thats far from certain. So I am totally happy even if Lemmy doesnt grow, as long as it provides an alternative space that some people find useful.

Everybody seems to be in a rush to see this thing grow huge, or to solve all of their desires (federate with mastodon!) That people see it this way though and that make about it means they have a passion for it.

My 2c to help it become “successful”

  • Donate funds to the devs to allow them to continue to develop or expand the project
  • Post content outside the core foss/privacy loop

I havent quit anything but my attention will go where i get the most engagement, less noise. As a geek i appreciate the tech, but i wouldnt be here if there was nothing to digest, or if the barrier to good content is too high, which i personally find with mastodon…sidenote I’d be happy if the admin of linernotes.club moved from mastodon to a lemmy instance

Things shift the larger the pool of users get regardless. One plus is that in its current state I am actually posting whereas on reddit I never did even when digg.com was the behemoth and reddit was the small guy. As things grow more general/meme content comes into play i’d probably stop but that is fine.

One possible outcome I find exciting is that due to its federated nature lemmy.ml could be come a sort of incubator for smaller communities e.g. everybody piles onto the main server by default, but then the admins can spin off groups of likeminded communities into their own instance.

Reddit is exactly where it wants to be, which is the outcome of the drive of the original creators to where they could build it up to a point where it had enough value to sell (in my mind). Owners that then expect a return etc.

Re: the first point I installed nextcloud via a one-click app installer on my host and it made the process effortless, no ssh needed.

+1 for always using RSS in some form, but I only recently stopped using free services like feedly to set up my own miniflux server. I think RSS is just one part of a larger picture, bur there are a couple of things that spring to mind to would help adoption -

  • Webhosts or ISP need to provide one-click app stores for hosting setup.
  • Techy family members need to promote and be willing to maintain services
  • Devs need to make auto-updates, management a straightforward process.

I’m a fan of the current approach, especially if it allows the devs to focus their resources elsewhere. Can always be revisited later.