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I tried making my own search engine based on Nutch (sometime around 2000).

We created a directory of sites, with a strict selection, because. had experience in administering Dmoz, but these sites that were added to our catalog were indexed. Not deep, just 1 click from the main page.

But then we did not have enough capacity to carry out a good search.

Now I’m thinking about getting back to it. As part of one project that I am writing now (MIT license. Directory example: https://libarea.ru/web). We are experimenting, learning, facets for navigation, we will fasten the search later, there is still a lot of work.

I apologize for not answering for a long time. Spring, construction, constant moving.

It’s so hard for me to immediately write about strengths, I got a little distracted, but I can only give advice. This applies to those who create this platform, developers. Make it stand out from the competition. You know for yourself what the strengths and weaknesses are. Make it so that anyone who puts another script (and there are plenty of them on the net) knows that his version is not very good and there is a better one - Lemmy. People are such that they will prefer to use the best, especially since installation and support is not very complicated here. Just don’t give anyone a chance. )

You can improve endlessly, any product can be made better and better, and you yourself know this.

Good answers. It seems to me that there is no need to replace Reddit, copy it and try to be like it. A copy is always a weak resemblance. As Steve Jobs once said: I don’t want to do better, I want to do it differently. Lemmy have strengths, they need to be developed.

Mainly translation, writing my own social network (MIT license) focused on blogs, suggestions and code edits in a number of projects.

I have no hatred for him, maybe I don’t know something. Do I need to know this? Will this information change my life? I’ve always been a little amused by the reaction to celebrities. You have to ask for an autograph, ask for something, or find out something. Perhaps I would be more curious if it was an alien, I would really ask why is he here? A “successful” person is just a person. I have little interest in “success” or “money.” Maybe that’s why I have no questions for him. He is one of over 7 billion people. Would pass by.