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Surprised they don’t direct you to police stations so you can turn yourself in…that’s probably coming.

StartPage was purchased by System1, a US ad-tech firm. Might want to keep an eye out for any policy changes.

If you go to McDonalds or Starbucks, you are using goods created with prison labor.

Not doing something because you are dead as broke is not a principle. One person leaving a large tip is still playing into a system designed to exploit workers, mostly women.

If you leave the door open to allow one group to be disadvantaged, you leave it open for all.

So, you refuse to enter restaurants that do not pay their staff a living wage? If you do go to restaurants, then you believe that less than minimum wage is acceptable “in some cases” and are being hypocritical. If you accept goods and services created with prison labor then you accept wage exception and are being hypocritical. As a society, if we accept one exception, then we accept all exceptions. https://blog.globaltel.com/companies-use-prison-labor/

If you are okay with waitstaff and prisoners being underpaid then you will be okay with others suffering the same fate.

A good percentage of waitpersons in the country are working below minimim wage so there is precedent for this type of carve-out to labor laws. Prisons are chock full of exploited workers with no labor rights. If the intellectually challenged are to be treated equally then they should have every right to be grossly exploited like the rest of them.

Anything I save to online storage is first run through p7Zip for compression and encryption with a BitWarden generated password. I couldn’t image just trusting them with naked data and I’m not that smart nor have anything all that sensitive, it’s more about the principle of who has eyes on my stuff.

They need to do the same for EVs before that gets out of hand.

  1. Is there profit to be made? 2) Who will make the profit? 3) How many people will die while massive profits are made? 4) How do we convince the public that a certain number of deaths are acceptable without lowering our profits?

If only scientists were immune and sheltered from politics and economics.

Between “testing” and “analysis” there should be “prepublish clickbait headlines” on the internet speculating on the results.

Warning: read is not that long.

When it can read the number ‘42’ then it will know the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

So your vote is for obtuse.

Linux has a long way to go before they’ll have a replacement for commercial CAD.

And this is the very reason I find it irksome.

Fedora management has either soldout to corporate pressure or they are being exceedingly obtuse given the current political climate.

I may have lost a few marbles but I’m not colorblind. Tell me that is not a blue/yellow background added to Settings/Appearance. I’ve been using Fedora for ages and I find this irksome.

How can I find out about the Spotify Conspiracy if I can’t listen to Joe Rogan?

Fedora Sellout
I never bother with themes and such so I typically use whatever Fedora serves up. I am having trouble seeing the current FW36 iteration of GTK themes so thought I'd look for an altenative. I wandered into Settings/Appearance and was shocked to see the Ukraine colors in the default backgrounds. My first notice of IBM starting to flex their control.