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Atheism is simply a lack of belief in deities, nothing more, nothing less. I personally think that to say someone is an atheist is like saying that someone is a not-a-football player.

What people mean by “Reddit atheism” or “New Atheism” or whatever other similar term is a particular brand of liberal, individualist atheists who make their bitterness toward religions their entire personality.

They treat religion as the root of all evil— instead of seeing class as the main perpetrator of conflict and driving force in history, they see religion as that, even though religion is but one aspect (one that is ultimately inferior to class and surprisingly to a few others) of human societies and civilizations.

The reason they get shit on so much is that they tend to be smug, sanctimonious, wannabe intellectual debatebros, and I’ve noticed that much of what characterizes the “Reddit atheist” also characterizes internet liberals.

My account never got banned, I just got tired of looking at political shit— especially at liberal/reactionary nonsense— every single day, so I deleted it and came over here, where we don’t put up with as much bullshit as we did over there.

I did get banned from a bunch of subs, though.

One of my favorite bans was when r/196 banned me for linking the whole Tank Man video under a “muh Tiny Moon Square” meme, which clearly shows the “Tank Man” leaving without so much as a scratch, a level of restraint that American police don’t show to anyone except to fascist wankers.

You alone are proof that re-education is going to be necessary during or after the revolution

Rare westoid W if it actually happens