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I don’t know anything about that, I have an acquaintence who also uses GrapheneOS and has helped me get it set up

Graphene os, I’m typing this on a pixel 4xl with graphene os and its my favorite phone ever

Fellow graphene os user and I fucking love it

Stop using google, disable JavaScript, use privacy browsers, use a VPN + adblock, but then there’s always your phone. I use graphene os, but dumb phones too.

I mean that’s what I’m doing, maybe its not enough, maybe its a lot of overkill but yeah I’m trying to degoogle my life and its difficult

Literally every left space that I am in: online, IRL and blended, there are people posting and ranting about V*ush and people who are like “who is Vaush?”

So yeah, passing around screen shots of his intentionally controversial takes, and creating a space for sharing them is giving his ideas a platform. If we just ignored him then he would just migrate to the right, like he is going to do anyway in the next 5 - 10 years if not earlier.

Peace and love but I dont get it, what’s the point? Do you really need to like share in the promotion of his brand of controversy? To create a space for it? These things help him.

Let’s create a community to promote the shitposts of this professional troll, amateur pedophile. Let’s platform his horrible ideas so that more people see them, that will show him!