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This is all toxic behaviour, can’t you see it? You should just calm down and try not to be aggressive. I never said you were aggressive with me, I just expressed an opinion. If you don’t like it you have to accept it and answer, not using powers like you did some times. Anyways, why instead of spreading hate against Firefox don’t you try spreading info on alternatives? Hate is something that blinds our minds and creates a suffocating experience in Lemmy

I was judging from your posts and commebts I saw on Lemmy, not trolling. Also I would be happy to be wrong, so I’ll check next days if your behaviour changes

Yes I think you did nothing bad by mentioning the problem, I hope there’s something we can do

That account (chefkoch) really is an aggressive and full of logical fallacies one, I would suggest you to avoid discussing with it

Lemmy should require a minimum of time (or “karma”) before allowing to post or comment in any instance