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Don’t worry, thanks to your tireless efforts, one day I’ll become a wannabe communist too posting tankie sh*t

Communism understander has logged on.

Well spoken comrade sock-puppet!

Are tankies in the room with you right now?

Glad you asked. Only internet super-hero tankies who make themselves believe they are communists.

Looks like Western propaganda has been effective!

Just ask the victims I’d say.

Calling others neofascist, cause it helps you feeling a little like a leftist, that’s a bad thing buddy.
At least you switched your wording from “Nazi” to “neofascist”, so we have some educational progress here, well done.

imho they should not tell the “truth” but verifiable facts.

wow, you would ban a hole instance cause of a single person, really?

France is “effectifly” extracting it’s uranium from countries like Congo, Niger, provoking countless political disasters over time, ruining others countries environments etc. That’s how.