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I hate it too. Most of my friends are from work though, so that’s the least common denominator for all conversations. We spend the most time together there, and it’s a lot of shared experiences. I try to balance it out by taking extra effort to be engaged with their outside work stuff. Going to their events, active listening, supporting, etc.

Clarifying question: what do you consider a lot of people?

Toki Pona might be better just because it uses more common sounds and less of them. Might be easier to learn and speak from a background like Cantonese or something. Isn’t Esperanto very euro-centric?

People should be careful when looking at the conclusions of this experiment to make sure that it isn’t used as an argument that suffering under our current system should be endorsed.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if boomers had obligations for their grandchildren? Climate change is removedin this time of year

Thus anarchism is born. Just don’t build structures that function on central authorities.

If I upvote this post, am I doing the armchair socialist thing right?

Starting a war on Christmas

Highway widening projects

No city utilities (trash, parking, fire) - all private

Eliminating buses