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The start of the Great Depression and the subsequent mass unemployment must have seemed like the fulfillment of the popular prophecy of the previous decade (and century): that automation would eventually render too many unemployed and cause societal disorder. Without a concrete cause for this sudden and shocking economic turmoil, even societies greatest thinkers would reflexively finger automation as a key cause.

Good thing nobody ignored warnings about both the nature of crisises and the automation effects in capitalism a certain bearded man wrote few decades before, right?

And what if… what if Frank’s startup and those other 100 ideas just went under too?

Feels like this comment chain shouldnt have turned into China vs US…

It wouldn’t if they weren’t so painfully hypocrite with this.

There’s enough houses already fo fill the most immediate need. They just aren’t affordable. Capitalism is the problem.

Pretty cute i would say

Get the pill out of the fishbowl and the cat off the cabinet. Call his wife.

Cat’s wife???

Banning every US based social network when?

Oh who am i kidding.

It’s a good point. The laws of robotics, as proposed by Asimov, would make robots communists.

Just grab the cat, hold the pill in your fingers and wait when he will try to bite them off. Easy.

Interesting. Clear attempt to use dialectical materialism in lawmaking.

About the Kallman syndrome, such person wouldn’t be considered minor since that was separate cathegory, but the law does not specify age in numbers, but clearly mention puberty so it would depend on medical opinion most likely.

First, based on your post history i assume you’re discussing in a good faith.

But you’re probably gonna get banhammered anyway. Thanks to horde of libertarians in the internet every discussion about those things is automatically considered bad faith pedo bait everywhere except liberast pits.

That’s why internet marxist stance is “do not talk about it”. From what i see in the real life marxist theoreticians also basically just accepted current societal norm without any comments.

Edit: i seen Nutomic posts so i guess no ban.

I sure do hope Posadas was right about aliens, because if they are like Genghis Khan, we would end up like the Khwarazm after doing that to the envoys.

They were also pissed when CGI was used in animation but they quickly get over it.

There is a bug, when i’m writing a coment and get notification someone comment on one of my earlier comments, everything i’m just writing disappear for good. Lost few walls of text already to this.

So my first though “capitalism” was right.

I guess that can be more relevant for some plants (or shrooms) than others.

It is, but not militarily. Russia don’t even need military help, it need political and economical.

God is in the cracks. Also, humans, even intelligent and educated ones can hold conflicting convictions without much problems, at least for some. But ultimately when science advance, religion retreats. It can also go in the other way, but it’s usually during dark times of crisis and decline.

I don’t know which one is that, OP link is restricted for me, but whatever.

Really nailed it. At least for now.

There are only two kind of memes, supporting the status quo and political

Oh deer, fixed it somewhat to be more realistic

Oh those dastardly Russians, it’s not as they country had suffered through the worst manmade (by west) peacetime cataclysm in history just a generation ago.

This is the same level of scummy propaganda US chuds make about immigrants who are immigrants in the first place because US wrecked their countries.

Dying from for example cancer can be very far from “peaceful”.

This article seems also worded a little suspiciously, it seems to suggest that intensive therapies are commonly replacing paliative care, and are being used without or with only partial consent?

Lmao i had to scroll down pretty far there to read a comment that is not bootlicking amazon, either straight up or in “at least” manner.

This guy totally live up to their namesake.

Wait they had to first pay 70 bucks for that?