Cult survivor. Against most forms of religions, specially anti-scientist ones such as all Abrahamism, and will always explain why. I will never stop demonstrating that religion is reactionary, including your own beliefs. Dialectical Materialism is a must in Socialism that cannot be forgotten.

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This again shows how understanding evolution can and will safe us from environmental destruction. I fucking love biology

Dad, has the US collapsed already?

“religion has been since millennia manufactured for controlling the population.”

“Jesus was a leftist!”

“No he wasn’t.”

“Bad faith!”


Uh… Dude, hating yourself while living in a hippie camp while expecting God to do the rest, while considering women inferior and slavery “not that bad” isn’t leftist AT ALL.

It has mostly to do with cult like mentality that has been on the culture since the first time a religion got side to side with an state. If you lool closely, the bourgeoisie is defending teeth and nails the supposed freedom of religion because it do really does a good job of concealing any bit of critical thinking. And the bougies learnt to do the same with a cultist mentality regarding idealism, patriotism, nationalism, identity, individualism, and more, the same way the nobility did in their own context.

It has to do a lot with propaganda, aka: indoctrination.

“who are into” bougies. “who do art” workers.

Always the same, but it baffles me how people won’t get it.

I donno, Jesus considered women inferior, immigrants like less worthy dogs, and never said anything bad about slavery. Ah, yeah, and that hygiene did nothing, illnesses were all voodoo, so you better go faith healing. And hated fig trees.

When will the general gringo population understand that Democrats and Republicans work for the same exact elites? I bet never, only when the US exists no more.

I’m not an indie fan… But everyday I see it clearly that the future of videogames are indie + emulators… I like Nintendo games, but the enterprise itself can suck it, like every other game company at this rate.

I can’t stop laughing lmao

Akchually: we still have dinosaurs outside

Nerd out o7 See ya loosers! 🛹💨

Phylosophy is absurdly wide and smeared. Ethics are already a subject that can be perceived under Marxism, and while Marxism is also a phylosophy, it doesn’t contradict science. We should not permit ideologies that contradict Dialectical Materialism be in the way by being granted respect just because.

Yep, absolutely. Phylosophy is infected with ideology and almost nothing with Materialism. Phylosophies that contradict science should fucking disappear from the general public unless speaking for history, and people still don’t get why.

Cool! But where I live, yeast isn’t really in the air, only black and green mold lol.

Maybe in the fields I may be able to make this technique! Also, Chinese breads are top notch! I fucking love the ones cooked in vapor.

Heh. I’m having a Deja Vu. [proceeds to drift at the rhythm of eurobeat]

Aren’t philosophers also being the ones promoting holistic nonsense?

Chaddest getting yeast from using beer instead of water

The virgin unyeast “bread” vs the chad yeasted bread