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I responded to this in another comment but simply put: NATO isn’t a defensive alliance and it never was. That’s a paper-thin lie that isn’t supported by their history whatsoever. If NATO were to expand to Ukraine, they would threaten Russia militarily, if not outright coup them.

Uh yeah because that’s what NATO does. It’s not a defensive alliance and it never was, just look at what happened to Yugoslavia and Libya. NATO is a clear and present danger to every country that opposes the west and if they expanded to Ukraine, they would be able to install military bases right next door to Russia’s capital. And they would undoubtedly use them.

Also, Ukraine was coup’d in 2014 by the US so it’s very debatable how much of the people’s will is represented by the decisions of their government. Especially considering Ukraine has since been in a civil war between those who refuse to recognize the puppet government and those who support it.

And if we’re talking about respecting sovereignty, then Ukraine should have followed the Minsk protocols. To Russia’s credit, they tried resolving this conflict diplomatically for 8 years. If Russia was half as war-loving as the US, they wouldn’t have negotiated their problems at all & would’ve sent their troops in years ago.

And what does Zelensky being Jewish have to do with anything? You realize Israel exists, right? Do you also believe that the USA ended anti-black racism because Obama was president too?

That explains a lot. I thought all of lemmy was communist but it seems like that only applies to lemmygrad. Dunno who would want a lib lemmy instance when Reddit exists tho

This conflict goes back much further than last month and NATO expansion is absolutely a key cause of this war. Being sarcastic about it doesn’t change that.

I would think they’re also big on NFTs and would consequently avoid talking to them